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    Beat the Buzz this Summer

    26th July 2018

    Beat the Buzz this Summer


    Heat, Horses and Flies ...
    It's that time of year again when our four legged friends are plagued with the constant irritation and discomfort of flies and midges.

    With the heatwave set to continue, here's our top tips on how to beat the buzz this summer.

    Minimise Exposure
    Horse and stable flies breed in 'wet organic material' like manure and old bedding, they also dislike the shade and much prefer sunlight. To minimise your horses' exposure to flies, we therefore recommend the following:
    • Keep your horse stabled during the hottest times of the day
    • Ensure that your stables are regularly mucked out and filled with fresh bedding
    • Empty wheelbarrows and sweep yards regularly
    • If possible, maximise the distance between your stables and muck heap
    Flies are attracted to animal movement, body warmth and exhaled carbon dioxide so the best way to prevent your horse from becoming the next gourmet meal, is to use protective products like repellents and fly masks. Here's a run down of our recommended products to deter the unwanted critters:
    CIT Fly Spray
    Introductory Offer £17.95
    • Produced in Germany - proven to be highly effective
    • Contains Permethrin which is highly toxic to insects. It is a synthetic replica of a product extracted from the chrysanthemum flower that is designed to withstand breakdown from sunlight and can last up to 3 days!
    • Used in human medicine to treat conditions like head lice. 
    • 1L bottle - real value for money.
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    Power Phaser £17.95

    • Contains two powerful repellents including Deet.
    • Long lasting adhesion to your horse, even when perspiring.
    • 500ml
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    Absorbine UltraShield Fly Mask
    Special Offer £12.95
    • Available in Cob and Full size
    • Blocks 80% of harmful UV rays
    • Prevents insect bites
    • Made from high-tech fabrics, originally developed for human performance clothing.
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    Don't forget to reapply fly repellents after bathing or exercise and spray directly onto fly sheets as well as the skin to minimise the loss of active ingredients from perspiration.


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