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    No more sweaty hats!

    19th August 2015

    No more sweaty hats!

    Having endured a sweaty, smelly riding hat throughout most of the summer I decided it was time to try something new to combat this problem. The Whicker Hat Liner is an ergonomically designed fabric hat insert which acts as a barrier to protect against stains and odours damaging the inside of your hat. I was a little sceptical at first and thought that the hat liner may not stay in place as it is not fixed in with glue or any other adhesive, however, the unique design of the liner really did make sure it stayed in place no matter how many times I put my hat on and took it off again. I found that it fitted neatly in the hat and when my riding hat was on my head I was unaware that the hat liner was there. I haven’t yet hat to replace the hat liner however as the Whicker Hat Liner comes in packs of 5 I will be able to replace it easily when the time comes. All in all I think the Whicker Hat Liner is a great product. 

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