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    Snap on blades for light duty clippers/dog clippers

    24th October 2016

    Snap on blades for light duty clippers/dog clippers

    We now have a huge range of snap on blades to suit all clipping requirements.  The snap on (A5) blade system is designed for the light duty clippers that are favoured by dog groomers and vets, and which are also now available to the equestrian market.

    Light duty clippers that take the Snap on blade system are generally light to hold, quiet to use and particularly good on sensitive, clipper shy and young horses.  The blades actually do just snap on to the blade mechanism in the machine and there is no tensioning involved.  The blades are pre- tensioned after going through the sharpenin process.

    With such a large range of grades of blades to choose from ranging from a Number 50 and No 40 which are used pre-surgery for veterinary use to a No 3 which leaves a layered 13mm length giving a tidy but natural finish it gives great flexibility for getting the required finish whether on dogs or horses and is better than using the plastic add on graders.

    Generally a No 9 or 10 blade will blend in with a medium (2mm) large blade, so good to use around heads and on fiddly areas, but then will merge in with the rest of the clip done with a conventional clipping machine.


    The link to our new range of Constanta Snap on blades is here:


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