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    Tips & Advice

     If you have any questions you would like to ask us about clipping, whether from a maintenance and care aspect for clippers and blades, or from a practical aspect when actually clipping, then please do always feel free to email us at sales@clippersharp.com or by telephone - 01823 681076. The following articles are written by us and may also be of interest and help, particularly if you are new to clipping.

    Care and maintenance of clippers and blades during the clipper season

    The most common problem found with electrical clippers, is that they do not cope well being stored in damp tack rooms.  You may only use them two or three times and then be surprised that they then do not work when you come to start them up again.  Obviously this is not due to being over worked, but because damp has got into the motor and caused the capacitor to blow along with usually a number of other components.  The more a machine is used the better, and so long as it is looked after it should give many years of service.