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    Are there any other tips that would help me?

    When clipping behind elbows or around the girth region - it is useful to have an extra pair of hands to pull the leg forward, ensuring the skin is flat. This is the area where it is very easy to 'nick the skin'.

    TIP - Always oil blades regularly with clipper oil (every 5mins).

    It is best to clip when you and the horse are calm.

    Avoid feed and turnout times. The horse should be exercised and be in a clean and dry condition.

    Have suitable rugs to hand.

    Mark the edges of the clip with a piece of damp saddle soap, cattle marker or tailor’s chalk.

    Put a tail bandage on and plait up the lower section of tail doubling up and fixing with an elastic band. This will keep all the tail hair away from the legs.

    Let the machine run for a while to allow the horse to get used to the noise.

    Check tension is correct, and make sure switches and circuit breaker are working.

    Be firm and confident.

    Depending on the clip start on the shoulder, neck or gullet. If the horse is nervy, hold the machine against him (without clipping) until he settles.

    Clip with firm, even pressure, against the lie of the coat, keep the tips of the blades against the skin.

    Go steadily and overlap each run by 50% for a neat, even finish.

    Get you helper to hold forelegs forward in order to stretch the skin in the girth area.

    Don’t clip folds or wrinkles, you will cut the horse.

    Oil the blades liberally and regularly (every 5-10mins) throughout clipping.

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