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    Does the clipped horse need extra protection from the elements?

    TIP - Never kneel - always squat down & to one side. Clip hair upwards for close clip - or downwards to merge in.

    Obviously, the clipped horse will be denied his natural protection from winter weather, and will need to be provided with additional protection in the form of both stable and waterproof outdoor rugs, ideally with suitable shelter facilities in his paddock. During the summer months, precautions need to be taken to protect against intense sun and flies. Again, through adequate shelter. There are also a number of lightweight summer turnout rugs on the market, which will provide protection and keep the skin and hair in good condition and prevent bleaching.

    It is also worth remembering that clipped horses suffer more from saddle sores and rug rubs as well as grazes, so extra attention is needed in these areas.

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