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    I haven't clipped before, but have bought a machine to clip my horse with, where do I start?

    If you have no experience of clipping, it would be advisable to ask someone who is experienced to show you how to clip. Your horse will appreciate it and you won’t end up in a panic if things go wrong. Ask them to use your machine on your horse and watch. When you feel confident, and hopefully your horse is relaxed, take the clippers and start in an accessible and large part of the body, we normally suggested the shoulder area. It can be a rather daunting experience for the first timer, but, like all things, practice makes perfect, and no amount of reading from a book will teach you, it has to be hands on! Some people actually enjoy clipping and find it very therapeutic watching all the hair falling away with each stroke of the clipper.

    Clipping can be dangerous for both handler and horse, especially if an electric clipper is being used. When you are dealing with electricity around animals, extra care must be taken. If your horse is reacting badly to the noise or feel of the clippers it is best to turn off and re-assess. If your horse is a quiet amenable animal and is prepared to stand still, you will quickly get the hang of clipping and will probably be able to manage on your own after a few sessions. In most cases, it is advisable to have someone prepared to stand and hold the horse for you, lift a leg when required and generally be around to help.

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