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    So, how do I fit the blades correctly?

    Be careful when clipping heads - some horses are very wary. TIP - make sure your blades are not hot when you get round to clipping the head. Either keep a spare set or use a trimmer.

    The most usual reason for clipping is to enable the horse to work comfortably and without undue sweating during the winter months when their coats grow naturally thicker. Some horses need to be clipped all year round, especially if they are being shown and grow a coarse long coat even during the summer months. This is especially true of the heavier breeds and cobs which, if being shown, need to have their manes hogged on a regular basis too.

    Horses that are in prolonged work during the summer months may also need clipping, as is the case with polo ponies who are required to work at speed in short sharp bursts, and other animals that are in competition work.

    Horses can also be clipped or trimmed with small trimmers for show purposes where presentation is paramount. There is such a good selection of trimmers to choose from now, and with the additional choice of battery operated, they can be put in a pocket and taken to shows for last minute tidying; clipping is no longer confined to the winter months.

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