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    So, is there anything else I need to know before I get started?

    A little preparation beforehand will ensure the job gets done quickly and efficiently. You should make sure your horse is as clean as possible, if you try to clip a dirty horse your blades will go blunt within minutes. Check the clippers over as discussed before and make sure you have a spare set of blades to hand, which are exactly the same as you are using. If you have to change blades over mid clip you don’t want any obvious marks.

    It is also advisable to clip on a mild day, it is obviously kinder than on a cold day, unless you are fortunate to have indoor heated stabling, when of course, you can clip anytime!

    Never be rushed, allow twice as long as you anticipate, just in case you hit a technical or equine hitch, and make sure your helper is prepared to be around for several hours!

    It goes without saying, don’t try to clip when it is raining, or let your lead dangle in puddles, it has been know and luckily both horse and owner lived to tell the tale.

    It is preferable to clip indoors in a well lit stable with a non-slip floor, but outside is acceptable if it is fairly sheltered and has a solid floor. There is nothing worse than trying to clip outside with a gale blowing and hair flying everywhere.

    Ensure that the clipping area is free from obstacles such as haynets, water buckets, wheelbarrows etc.

    Avoid using extension leads if possible, but if unavoidable remember to unwind all the cable from the reel. Excess cable should be kept well away from the clipping area. All leads should be kept off the floor and sockets should be positioned high on the wall for safety. It is also essential to have a circuit breaker fitted.

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