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    What type of clip?

    There are various part clips that can be used or adapted.  The trace clip or trace high clip where hair below the trace line is removed and from the lower neck and jaw.  The Irish clip where the hair in front of a diagonal line from poll to stifle is removed or the Bib clip where the gullet and chest are clipped. 

    For the horse owner who is expecting to work their horse daily and compete or hunt on a regular basis throughout the winter months, a more complete clip will be needed.  This will allow the horse to remain in full work without losing condition through excess sweating, or risk chilling after exercise.  The three main types of clip to consider are:-  the full clip where all the coat is removed, the hunter clip where all the coat is removed except the saddle area and the legs, and the blanket clip where all the hair is left on the upper half of the body acting as a natural exercise blanket.

     For these types of clip most horses would be stabled at night and suitably rugged to compensate for the loss of coat and provided with a good waterproof outdoor rug for paddock use.

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