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    Andis AGR+


    £264.00 inc. VAT

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    The Andis AGR+ rechargeable trimmer comes as part of a pack suitable for veterinary and surgical work. This super duty machine performs on all animal coats and is very quiet and cool.

    What’s Included with the AGR+ Vet Pak:

    • AGR+ hand piece
    • Andis ceramic No. 40 blade that leaves 0.25mm of hair (suitable for veterinary work)
    • 2 batteries
    • Charging base and lead with 4 different plugs
    • Car adaptor
    • Spare Blade drive
    • 118ml bottle of andis clipping oil
    • Durable plastic carry case


    • Veterinary and surgical work on pets and horses
    • Dog grooming using one of the many A5 snap-on blades including all Oster and Constanta blades


    • Super quiet
    • Battery run time of 1 hour with a recharge time of one hour
    • Can be run off the mains for non-stop clipping
    • Extensive range of snap on blades (A5 system) available
    • Unique blade drive
    • Super duty machine that can cope with any animal coat
    • Single speed powerful rotary motor
    • Handy LED charging indicator
    • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

    Usage Instructions:

    • As the A5 snap-on blades are pre-tensioned, the Andis AGR+ does not require tensioning before use
    • The blades must be snapped on whilst the machine is running - please see our videos on how to change an A5 Snap-on blade for more information
    • Batteries should be stored fully charged
    • Battery should be fully charged for 1 hour before use
    • Please note: the battery must go through a “charge and use” cycle 3-5 times before it reaches full charge capactiy
    • Blades should be oiled regularly and stored appropriately
    • Do not store in cold, damp conditions


    • The hand piece measures 14cm from the tip of the blade to the base of the clipper
    • main grip point measures 14.5cm in circumference
    •  Weight: 491g (including battery)


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