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    Eccotemp L5 Combi (Trolley & L5 Shower) HOT WASH SHOWERS

    £264.00 inc. VAT

    £220.00 exc. VAT

    • Eccotemp L5 Combi (Trolley & L5 Shower) HOT WASH SHOWERS

    • £264.00 inc. VAT

      £220.00 exc. VAT

    Portable HOT WASH horse showers for horses, HOT WASH dog showers for dogs and HOT WASH outdoor showers for camping and everything else!

    This tankless portable hot water shower system can be used for a huge range of other outdoor activities including camping and dog grooming.  The Eccotemp L5 is a very economical way to get hot water on demand without having the expense of plumbing in a permanent hot water system.  Give your animals the luxury of being washed in warm water all year round.  Great for hot showers outdoors too! 

    The Eccotemp L5 heats 5 litres per minute - which gives instant hot water wherever you are and is particularly suitable for outdoor use – in the stables, in the kennels, in the garage or workshop, outdoor camping, in fact it can be used anywhere so long as there is access to a mains water supply or modified water system. Never have to worry about bathing your horse with freezing cold water again.

    The Eccotemp L5 portable hot water shower system is easy to install and runs on propane gas (Orange gas cylinder). It is small enough to move around making it a portable solution for using hot water and easy to mount on a sack trolley (which would need to be adapted to carry both the unit and gas cylinder). Perfect for horse owners, dog owners and groomers, camping and any outdoor activity that requires an easy, portable hot shower system. 

    Easy to install.  Just need access to mains water, and a propane gas orange cylinder and a suitable length of hose. All fittings and shower head is included.

    Portable trolley and safety chain also included in this package.The trolley is a BRITISH made product and manufactured to a high standard using top quality steel, with a black powder coated finish.,


    Technical details

    Outside use only

    • 37000 BTU
    • 1.4 Gallons per min
    • Lpg Gas powered
    • Ignition 2 x D cell Batteries
    • Supplied with UK Gas Regulator
    • Showerhead 
    • CE Safety Certificate for the UK
    • Size 12 x 15 x 4 inches 10 LBS

    What do I get with the unit?

    • A LPG tankless hot water heater
    • A high quality British made purpose built trolley
    • A safety chain to secure propane canister to trolley
    • A shower head spray and connecting kit
    • A UK LPG Gas regulator and Gas hose
    • A UK Warranty 

    What do I need to get?

    A length of hose that is suitable for your needs and a propane (orange) gas cylinder.

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