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    Lister Clipper Blades - all grades


    £40.00 inc. VAT

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    • Lister Clipper Blades - all grades

    • £40.00 inc. VAT

      £33.33 exc. VAT

    • LIST0001

    The grades of Lister clipper blades available are;

    • Fine - for clipping fine/summer coats or soft hair for a close finish - Leaves 1.4mm hair (A2F)
    • Medium - for general clipping giving a tidy finish for most coat types - Leaves 2.5mm hair (A2)
    • Coarse - for thicker coat types, clipping dirty cattle, hogging and clipping feathers - Leaves 2.5mm hair (CA2)
    • Close/Extra Fine - for fine/summer coats when a close finish is needed - use with care - Leaves 1.3mm hair (A2C)
    • Surgical - for surgical use, recommended for vets only - Leaves 1mm hair
    • Covercoat - a coarse blade suitable for legging and for skimming over fluffy coats when they are changing - Leaves 5mm hair
    • Hog/Dog - leaves 13mm of hair and has a plastic lifter attached for grading


    These blades will fit the Lister: Star, Neon, Stablemate, Showman and Liberty.

    Please note you will require the metal socket version if you own a Lister Laser or Lister Legend which can be purchased on our website.


    ‘A’ Series Lister Clipping blades

    Blades for clipping horses, cattle, and slick sheep shearing.


    If hairs get trapped between the blades they will not cut effectively. To overcome this problem the patented AC cutters (which are used in conjunction with the blade) have been designed with a small gap between each tooth. This allows hair to be swept into the spaces between the cutter teeth, enabling the blades to clip at all times.


    The steel used in the blades is a specialist grade to ensure they keep their edge when working in the most de­manding conditions. The blades undergo computer controlled heat treatment to ensure the steel is hardwearing and durable.

    Ribbed back

    The backs of Lister clipping combs are ribbed to create several benefits. Most importantly, the comb is lighter and stiffer font to heel, and yet more flexible side-to-side. This gives a better cutting action and enables the blades to be easily sharpened. The ribbed back also makes clipping easier by helping to guide the comb over the animal.

    Driving socket

    The driving socket on a clipper cutter can either be plastic or metal.

    A plastic socket helps the clipper to run quieter and smoother, but is not as strong as a metal socket.

    A metal socket in contrast is slightly nosier but stronger than a plastic socket, making it better suited to high-load applications such as for clipping dirty cattle. A metal socket should be used on Lister Laser and Legend clippers.

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