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    Lister Liberty Deluxe/Combi Pack including the Libretto Max clipper


    £366.00 inc. VAT

    £305.00 exc. VAT

    • Lister Liberty Deluxe/Combi Pack including the Libretto Max clipper

    • £366.00 inc. VAT

      £305.00 exc. VAT

    • CL100


    Replacing and Tensioning Blades: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKvSorNP-sk

    Use the following link to see other Lister Liberty Videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLPaOh6JIl9ZtolSWbMKexM32RlLetIJw 
    Here is another video of the Liberty hogging a mane - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RZtkqxASs


    The Liberty Deluxe Combi Pack includes the Libretto Max light duty clipper and the Lister Liberty, battery, charger, and blades for both clippers.

    The Lister Liberty is classed as a medium/heavy duty, re-chargeable clipper and the Libretto Max is classed as a light duty clipper with a snap on blade system.

    The Lister Liberty is one of the most versatile machines available using a re-chargeable power pack with a waist belt. The portable battery can be put in a pocket, clipped on or worn on the waist belt, providing maximum safety to both operator and animal and enabling the operator to clip anywhere for up to three hours.

    The new 3 hour NiMH battery pack can be topped up at any time as it has no memory affect.

    The Lister Liberty can also be used with a 12-volt battery using vehicle leads and provides another portable way of clipping - Lister Liberty vehicle leads are available separately.

    The Lister Liberty can also be used as a mains clipper with the use of a mains adaptor - this adaptor is also available separately.


    * Choice of 3 power supplies - portable power pack, mains adapter or 12v vehicle battery.
    * Ergonomic shape with slim grip
    * No air filters to clean, sealed unit
    * Quiet, lightweight, versatile clipper
    * Carry case with tools and service equipment
    * Easy and accurate blade tensioning
    * 1 year warranty (included in price)
    * Extended 3 year warranty (UK only) also available

    The Lister Libretto Max
    This machine would be classed as light duty but can be used for trimming or part/full body clips if the coat was not too coarse and thick.

    The Lister Libretto like the Lister Liberty is a really versatile clipper/trimmer and takes snap on blades, enabling a wider blade (No 10W-not included) to be used for larger areas and a narrower blade (No 10) which it comes with, for the more fiddly areas.


    The handpiece of the Lister Liberty measures 21 cm in length from the tip of the blades to the base of the clipper with the main grip point measuring 16 cm in circumference. Weight: 0.92 kg.

    The handpiece for the Lister Libretto measures 19 cm in length from the tip of the blades to the base of the trimmer with the main grip point measuring 14 cm in circumference. Weight: 0.51kg

    Click on the video tab to see the Liberty clipping out feathers.

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