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    Lister Wizard Blades


    £47.00 inc. VAT

    £39.17 exc. VAT

    • Lister Wizard Blades
    • Lister Wizard Blades

    • £47.00 inc. VAT

      £39.17 exc. VAT

    • BL913

    Lister Wizard Blades have been designed so you can fit and use them like normal clipper blades on your Lister clipping machine.

    They are very similar to combs and cutters that you have for conventional shearing machines, so are able to be used for dagging and tidying.

    Lister Wizard Blades are a available as a 13T blade. They are ideal for dagging and when used with an exisiting Lister clipper they are capable of shearing small flocks of up to 10 sheep.

    Lister Wizard blades are re-sharpenable.   

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