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    Liveryman Black Beauty - Mains (Medium Duty)


    £275.00 inc. VAT

    £229.17 exc. VAT

    • Liveryman Black Beauty - Mains (Medium Duty)
    • Liveryman Black Beauty - Mains (Medium Duty)

    • £275.00 inc. VAT

      £229.17 exc. VAT

    Video Links on this product:

    Replacing and Tensioning Blades: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FCF0f6Vac8

    Low Speed Hogging: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvBAhpxv2z4



    We are delighted to add this full size mains operated medium duty clipper to our range.  Having given it the once over in the workshop and then tried it out clipping and hogging, we are very happy to offer this top of the range clipper to our customers.

    SPECIAL POINT TO NOTE:  It also includes a power supply unit which doubles up as a charger allowing the machine to run off the battery pack (can be purchased separately) if a re-chargeable clipper is needed at any time.

    The Black Beauty takes Liveryman/Wolseley A2 type blades and is supplied with one set of A2 (medium grade) blades.

    New design and technology ensures that the clipper is cool running and has a new type of brushless, long life motor. Brushless motors are more efficient, have a greater power out torque (driving force) compared to the more conventional motors.  Its difficult to compare the wattage of this with conventional older style motors, but to give you an example it will clip as fast as an 150 watt machine.

    To summarise - this machine comes with;

    • Handpiece
    • One of  A2 medium blades
    • Mains adaptor (for use if a battery pack is purchased separately)
    • 100ml of clipping oil
    • Clipper brush 

    The Black Beauty is a very versatile machine providing the user with the option of running it off both the mains or from a battery pack which can be purchased separately.

    An advantage of this machine is that it has a variable speed adjustment.  This is great if you have a nervous horse and want to slowly introduce you horse to the noise.  With the machine running at a slower speed it reduces the noise level whilst still providing the power needed. When turned up to the high speed, it allows powerful clipping through most coat types.

    The size of the Black Beauty handpiece measures 28 cm in length from the tip of the blades down to the base of the clipper with the main grip point measuring 16 cm in circumference. Weight: 0.87 kg.

    We have included a video of the clipper that we made whilst doing our tried and tested report. 

    For tensioning - Assemble blades with tension assembly fitted.  Tighten the nut until you feel the first signs of resistance.

    Switch on the clipper and rotate the tension nut clockwise until the sound of the blade noise changes tone (metallic purring) and commence clipping.  If the clip is not satisfactory, slightly adjust the tension nut in a clockwise direction 1/4 turn until blades clip.

    This machine tensions from the top down, not the Lister way which is from the bottom up turning 1.5 turns upwards.

    Click on the video tab to see the Liveryman Black Beauty being used.

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