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    Nylon Grass/Anti-grazing reins

    £10.95 inc. VAT

    £9.13 exc. VAT

    • Nylon Grass/Anti-grazing reins

    • £10.95 inc. VAT

      £9.13 exc. VAT

    • RE001

    Grass/Anti-grazing rein used to prevent your horse or pony from reaching down and grabbing the grass. 

    Available in brown or black. Nylon. 

    The anti-grazing or grass reins headpiece should be fitted under the usual bridle headpiece, so that the cheek piece passes through the ring and can be done up as normal. The anti-grazing rein is attached to the girth strap and adjusted using the metal slide. The trigger clip is passed down through the ring and clipped on to the bit, preventing the pony or horse from reaching down the the grass. 



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