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    • TrailerCam 5D

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    • CAM100

    TrailerCam 5D provides safety for both you and your horse. No matter how calm your horses are there are always too many factors that can catch you off guard during towing, some of which may result in serious injury. We have all heard the stories: a horse falls under the divider, a front hoof gets caught in the haynet, a trailer gate that wasn’t closed completely.  A simple monitoring system can alert the driver to pullover and rescue their horses from further trouble.  

    TrailerCam 5D from Luda is a robust and wireless wide-angle camera which enables an overview in all types of horse transports and in all types of light conditions. The unique transmission technology guarantees a sturdy picture free from interfacing regardless of weather conditions or terrain.

    With the standard antenna mounted on the camera you will get a range of 30-70m depending on the type of trailer. With a Luda Trailer Antenna placed on the outside of the trailer the range is increased to 150-200m. This is especially useful with large trailers or trailers made aluminium, as the range does not vary with type of trailer. Combined with Battery Pack in this kit you will also have the possibility to monitor from distance when the trailer is parked without power.

    TrailerCam 5D has a system that allows for high definition picture and clarity of image which comes in especially useful for safe and comfortable reversing when an extra camera is mounted on the rear of the trailer. The 5” LCD quad view monitor, which connects easily to the vehicles power supply, allows for excellent, comfortable viewing for the driver. Up to 4 camera can be fitted and viewed on screen at the same time.

    TrailerCam 5D system has been especially developed for safer, stress-free transport for both horse and owner. The complete package is simple and fast to install, easy to use and comes with a 2 year warranty.  

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