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    Vetericyn Wound & Skin care (anti-bacterial, anti-fungal & steroid-free)


    £6.95 inc. VAT

    £5.79 exc. VAT

    • Vetericyn Wound & Skin care (anti-bacterial, anti-fungal & steroid-free)
    • Vetericyn Wound & Skin care (anti-bacterial, anti-fungal & steroid-free)

    • £6.95 inc. VAT

      £5.79 exc. VAT

    • VETE0001

    Vetericyn Wound & Skin care

    Award winning one-step immediate acting wound and skin care for all animals. Use Vetericyn on wounds, cuts, abrasions, skin irritations and scratches. The steriod-free, antibiotic-free, non toxic solution in Vetericyn is built on Microcyn technology.

    Vetericyn uses the power of the animals own immune system and does not harm healthy tissue. It is anit-bacterial and anti-fungal, pH neutral and tests free on competitive animals.

    There is no need to rinse this product off and it does not sting when applied. A real essential to have on the yard for cuts and scratches from horses to chickens.

    Great for Livestock, Horses/foals, Dogs/puppies, Cats/kittens, Rabbits, Birds, Reptiles and exotic animals.

    Available in: 120ml or 250ml


    The Benefits of Vetericyn

    • Vetericyn is an immediate-acting one-step wound and skin care product. In fact, Vetericyn is:
    • Intended for management of skin abrasions, lacerations, minor irritations, cuts and intact skin.
    • Doesn’t harm healthy tissue
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Does not sting
    • Reduces irritation
    • Safe for use on all animal species
    • Safe for use on animals of all ages
    • No rinsing required
    • Non-toxic and non-irritating
    • No antibiotics or steroids and “tests free” on competition animals
    • Will not stain clothing or furniture with application to animal

    Vetericyn is used to care for a host of irritations and wounds including:

    • Cleaning and Debriding wounds
    • Hot spots
    • Scratches
    • Skin Rashes
    • Skin Ulcers
    • Cuts
    • Burns
    • Post-Surgical sites
    • Irritated skin
    • Cleaning the Umbilical & Navel
    • Sores
    • Lacerations


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