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Borstiq Farmers Yard/Stable BroomBorstiq Farmers Yard/Stable Broom
Borstiq Farmers Yard/Stable Broom
Farmers Broom Original Made by Borstiq farm in Sweden, the Farmers broom is light to hold and use and gives a real flick action to give your yard a spotless finish. The flicky bristles are made from hard wearing polypropylene and the wide head makes brushing up quick and easy. Suitable for all yard surfaces and conditions. Measurements: Broom head 50cm, Bristle length 13cm and Wooden...
£17.95 inc VAT
Borstiq Stable Broom/Rake
Borstiq Stable Broom/Rake
A stiff brush ideal for rubber matting and carpeted floors. Adjustable handle to suit your height. Measure 92cm/extended 148cm.
£23.50 inc VAT

Borstiq Wide Bassine Farmers Yard/Stable BroomBorstiq Wide Bassine Farmers Yard/Stable Broom
Borstiq Wide Bassine Farmers Yard/Stable Broom
Borstiq Bassine Yard Broom Made by Borstiq Farm in Sweden, the Borstiq bassine yard broom is a really light, wide broom. The natural bassine bristles are soft but firm and give a very close finish. Can be given to anyone to use as its so light to manage. The wide head makes sweeping up quick and easy and will give a meticulous finish and slightly lighter to hold than the Farmers broom. A...
£17.95 inc VAT
Corn BroomCorn Broom
Corn Broom
A handy brush for yards, stables and lorry use. Measures 143cm in height.
£10.95 inc VAT

Eccotemp L10 Portable Hot ShowerEccotemp L10 Portable Hot Shower
Eccotemp L10 Portable Hot Shower
Portable hot horse showers for horses, hot dog showers for dogs and hot wash showers for outdoor camping and everyone else! The Eccotemp tankless showers are the market leader in the outdoor hot shower market. They are the original brand name in the portable outdoor shower market. If you are looking for a way of bringing hot water to your horses, dogs, or any other outdoor use including camping,...
£285.00 inc VAT
Eccotemp L5 Portable Hot ShowerEccotemp L5 Portable Hot Shower
Eccotemp L5 Portable Hot Shower
L5 Only - This just includes the L5 shower unit L5 Combi - Includes the L5 shower unit and trolley 
from £179.00 inc VAT

Hose Spray Gun
Hose Spray Gun
Heavy duty spray gun for attaching to your hose pipe. Offers variable settings - from cone and jet spraying. Ideal for aiding washing your horses off/bathing or hosing legs after coming in from a muddy field. Ergonomical rubber grip handle. Solid German quality. Please note a Kerbl Spray Gun is included with every purchase of the L5 and L10 Eccotemp hot horse showers....
£7.50 inc VAT
L5 Trolley to carry an L5 Eccotemp shower unitL5 Trolley to carry an L5 Eccotemp shower unit
L5 Trolley to carry an L5 Eccotemp shower unit
The L5 trolley has been specifically designed to carry the Eccotemp L5 shower and a propane gas canister (small or large). It comes with hooks on the side to wind the hose around and extra hooks for buckets and wash equipment. The sack barrow design means it is easy to wheel around and its solid build ensures that it is stable. Flying the flag for GB this is a totally British made product, manufactured...
£85.00 inc VAT

Equi-Ping allows handlers to safely tether their horse whilst at home or to a trailer/horsebox when away from the yard. Under normal circumstances the Equi-Ping keeps the horse tethered safely and only comes into play if the horse panics for some reason and pulls back sharply. Equi-Ping is designed to ‘ping’ open at this point helping to minimise potentially serious injuries if the horse...
£6.95 inc VAT
Lincoln Small Holed Haynet
Lincoln Small Holed Haynet
A large hay/haylage net with small holes. Available in 4 colours   
£5.95 inc VAT

Moorland Rider Bale CarryMoorland Rider Bale Carry
Moorland Rider Bale Carry
Holds a full bale of hay or straw, ideal for keeping your vehicle clean when transporting hay. It's shiny, lightweight material repels hay and prevents stickage. The drawstring opening and easy-lift handles make it extremely easy to use.
£21.95 inc VAT
Moorland Rider Girth Buckle Wash BagMoorland Rider Girth Buckle Wash Bag
Moorland Rider Girth Buckle Wash Bag
The Girth Buckle Wash Bag is used to cover girth buckles during a wash cycle, helping to prevent damage and reduce noise. All you need to do is pull the wash bag over the girth buckles, insuring the buckles are pushed down to the bottom of the bag, tighten the opening of the bag with the drawstring cord and secure with the toggle. Very easy to use. Supplied by Moorland Rider.
£5.95 inc VAT

Moorland Rider Hay CarryMoorland Rider Hay Carry
Moorland Rider Hay Carry
A versatile carry sack with a drawstring cord and base handle. Use it for carrying, storing or keeping a car clean when transporting hay.
£13.95 inc VAT
Moorland Rider Horsewear Wash Bag
Moorland Rider Horsewear Wash Bag
Available in Large and Jumbo.
from £14.50 inc VAT

Naf Himalayan Rock Salt Licks
Naf Himalayan Rock Salt Licks
Available in Small (750g) and Medium (2.5Kg).
from £4.50 inc VAT
Soft Web Trailer Tie
Soft Web Trailer Tie
Designed for tying the horse or pony in the trailer, horse lorry or just around the yard. It has a quick release panic attachment in case of an emergency. Made from durable strong soft webbing. Length: Adjustable
£7.95 inc VAT

Stormsure Waterproof Repair Kit
Stormsure Waterproof Repair Kit
Stormsure Permanent Waterproof Repair Kit - Ideal for repairing horse rugs, inflateables, tents and anything that needs to stay waterproof! This large waterproof repair kit comprises: 2 x clear self adhesive patches 3 x coloured nylon patches 2 x tubes Stormsure Adhesive Glue Spreader Plastic Gloves Instructions These kits are great for mending small or larger holes...
£11.99 inc VAT
Stubbs Horseshoe NameplateStubbs Horseshoe Nameplate
Stubbs Horseshoe Nameplate
Stubbs Horseshoe Nameplate for stable doors, house numbers and wherever you can think of.
£6.95 inc VAT

Stubbs Stable TidyStubbs Stable Tidy
Stubbs Stable Tidy
The must-have Stubbs Stable tidy for your stable, lorry, trailer, tack room and workshop! Ideal for keeping your brushes, hoof oil, bandages, plaiting kit, phone, etc. safely off the ground. Horses have a clear walkway and sweeping up has never been easier!  
£9.95 inc VAT
Tubtrug Cut Safe
Tubtrug Cut Safe
This is a great safety knife. Ideal for cutting bales of hay open, bags of feed and bedding. A must have on any yard!
£1.95 inc VAT

Tubtrug Horse Feed Stir-Up Sticks
Tubtrug Horse Feed Stir-Up Sticks
Ideal for mixing up horse feed. Made of plastic and easy to clean. Available in six different colours - Pink, Light Blue, Green, Purple, Dark Grey, Light Grey. Please specify in the order notes if you wish to have a specific colour.
£1.95 inc VAT

Stable & Yard

Borstiq brooms, showers and accessories to make yard life easier.