What's in our clipping bag?

What's in our clipping bag?

What's in our clipping bag?  

We find it easier to keep clippers, trimmers and accessories in one place and a practical solution is to find a dedicated bag or storage box for this purpose.

A hold-all type bag with a hard, plastic bottom is a good choice and is more practical when carrying clippers and accessories.  With a variety of pocket compartments this also gives room for smaller items such as blades, oil, brushes, scissors etc

This is what’s in my bag at the moment!

We recommend storing all clippers accessories and equipment in a dry warm place when not in use. Pay particular attention to cleaning and oiling blades after each use or before storing away for any length of time.

We use plastic blade boxes to keep the blades safe and re-use their originsl plastic bag to wrap them in first. This gives added protection and protects the teeth from being chipped.

5th October 2020

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