Old Vs New: Laser2 VS Fusion

Old Vs New: Laser2 VS Fusion

Lister Shearing Equipment Ltd is one of the most recognised, trusted and world-renowned manufacturers in large animal clipping and shearing products. Established more than 100 years ago, they work continuously to bring new innovative products to the market. Working with leading grooms, shearers and farmers around the world, they aim to develop their existing clippers providing better performance, higher quality and more dynamic engineering.

Lister Fusion VS Lister Laser 2

You might remember the Lister Laser 2 clipper, a workhorse for its time, capable of cutting through the most difficult of hair like butter. But, like everything, there were still things to be worked upon…

Now, replacing this clipper is the Lister Fusion. It weighs 100g less than the Laser, possessing a sleek, modern look yet still packs in so much more brilliance

Let's look at the stats:

  •  The Fusion runs with 2 speeds, being more versatile than the Laser which only ran with 1 speed

  •  Designed so the surface of the blades 10° cooler than the Laser, providing comfort to your four-legged friends

  • When designing the Fusion, Lister ensured both you and your horse were comfortable during the experience. Its double fan ventilation maximises airflow to the motor, keeping the clipper cool while running, opposed to the Laser's ventilated head which tended to heat up quickly!

  • Another new addition to the Fusion was the Snap-On washable filter, which allowed for easy maintenance, which was a whole lot easier than the screw-on filter on the Laser 2!


14th January 2021

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