Hot Clothing - the method & reason

Hot Clothing - the method & reason


Hot clothing is a method of cleaning and conditioning a horse’s coat as part of a daily or weekly grooming routine that can be used all year round.

A simple but effective way of keeping the coat and skin clean, as well as being soothing and therapeutic.

During the winter months, when washing traditionally can be difficult, particularly if there is a limited supply of hot water, hot clothing will keep on top of the build up of grease and dander that gather more in the winter especially when rugs are applied.

For best results use a cotton flannel, and fill a bucket with very warm, almost hot water. Fill another bucket with hot water to use for rinsing the flannel each time its applied to the coat.  This will ensure dirt is not being re-applied.

Add in a few squirts of the Clippersharp Pre Clip Wash to the first bucket.  Squeeze out the flannel and apply vigorously working from poll to dock.  Keep working into the coat, rinsing the flannel and then re-applying from the Pre-Clip Wash bucket. 

There are various ingredients that can be added to remove the grease, vinegar being one, but we recommend our Pre-Clip Wash, which has been especially formulated with a blend of natural products including witch hazel which soothes and heals, and is particularly good if there are any underlying skin problems.

For added shine, the final wipe over can be done by using Smart Grooming’s Super Shine lotion.  All that is required is a few drops in a very small bucket of hot water.  Wipe over with a clean cloth to give a shiny, conditioned finish.  Perfect to give the coat a high shine after clipping.

12th October 2021

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