Compact powerful clipper for hairy horses!

Compact powerful clipper for hairy horses!

We often are asked for a lightweight clipper – this usually means lightweight but not powerful as the two usually go hand in hand.  If you have a thicker coated animal to clip, then lightweight clippers aren’t normally capable of getting through really thick hair.

That is until we brought out the Clippersharp Constanta Rodeo. This is an ergonomically designed clipper with a very slim, lightweight hand piece and is made in Germany.   It is ideal for people that have small hands or wrist problems but still want something with a bit of grunt!

The power comes from a 65W state of the art permanent magnetic motor system, allowing more torque and performance, but still being really light and compact to hold.  It takes the A2 (Wolseley/Liveryman) type of blades so if you already have either of these makes and want to change or upgrade, then the same blades will fit.

We have used it ourselves and found it gives a really excellent finish, particularly on the thicker, hairier coats, and is good for clipping out legs as the hand piece is not too long making it more easy to manage when clipping heels.

With all clippers that we stock it comes with a year’s warranty and we also carry out all the warranty/repair work for these machines too.  RRP £195.00

Blade sharpening and clipper servicing and repairs are our core business at this time of year and if you need any advice prior or during the clipping season, please pick up the phone and speak to one of our engineers, who although, won’t be able to fix the problem over the phone, will only be too happy to give advice.

18th September 2015

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