New Clipper - Liveryman Black Beauty

New Clipper - Liveryman Black Beauty


At Clippersharp, we like to try out new clippers before we offer them to our customers as they have to do the job, be good quality and also represent value for money too.  So Liveryman sent me a new machine to try a few weeks ago which they were excited about and wanted me to give them our feedback. 

So when the Black Beauty arrived, firstly we were delighted at the sleek design and great metallic red colour that they have chosen, and secondly we loved the fact that they are so versatile.  Having the option to use them either from the mains or from the battery is always a great option to have.

So then we moved on to the performance and having a hairy cob to clip and hog all year round we were keen to get started.  We loved the other unique selling point to this machine, that it had a variable speed.  What a delight – on the low speed it is quieter and perfect when introducing  to young or difficult and sensitive horses.   Turning up to the top speed gave real power and we were confident that this would cope with virtually all coat conditions we little effort.

We also videoed it being used which showing how easy it finds hogging etc. If you are looking for a powerful top of the range medium duty re-chargeable, then this is definitely one to consider. 

The Liveryman Black Beauty comes with a battery pack that can be worn around the waist (belt included).  It is a NiMH battery giving around 3-4 hours of work time and takes a 4 hour re-charge to bring it up to full capacity.

The unique selling point for this clipper is that it comes with a power supply lead which gives you the ability to plug it into the mains if you use up all the battery charge and want to keep going.  This is included in the price.  Together with the option of variable speed, allowing slower but quieter use and moving up to top speed giving full power and capability for all types of coats.

This clipper takes A2 blades (Liveryman/Wolseley type). 

Liveryman Black Beauty Battery Operated system RRP £330.00

Liveryman Black Beauty Mains Operated system £230.00  (battery available (£100) to fit this machine to upgrade at any point to make into a re-chargeable clipper as well)

25th September 2015

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