Heiniger Banishes clipping concerns

Heiniger Banishes clipping concerns

Heiniger Banishes Clipping Concerns

Generally, horses are clipped to prevent them from sweating excessively in the winter months, which they would do if worked hard in a full winter coat. A clipped horse may still sweat, of course, but he will be far less likely to catch a chill as he will dry quickly. Always remember that a clipped horse must have his lost coat replaced with suitable rugs, both in the stable and field and sometimes when exercised.


Top Tips for Clipping Confidence


·       Where you begin clipping is largely a matter of personal choice. However, it is often a good idea to start with the head, especially if the horse gets fidgety as time goes on, as he will not have chance to be fed up and bored - a situation which always makes a fidgety horse worse.


·       If you are not used to clipping yourself, you might prefer to start along the horse's neck, so that you get the feel of the clippers, before tackling any tricky bits.


·       If the horse is not used to clippers, it is best to start along his shoulder in the first instance, so that he is not startled by the feel or sound of the clippers around his head.


·       Start by just resting the clippers against him before turning them on, then move them over his body so that he gets used to the look of them and the cable. Next take them some way away from him and switch them on.


·       Leave them running for a few minutes, to allow him to become accustomed to the noise. Gradually walk towards him, stopping if he seems alarmed.


·       Approach at a pace that suits him, reassuring him all the time, before you finally put them against his coat.


·       Move them all over his body, but without actually clipping any hair off.


It may take a period of a few days before you can clip your horse properly, but if you do take such measures to introduce the clippers in this way your horse will never become scared of being clipped.


If you do have a horse that doesn’t like to be clipped, the type of clippers you use will play a part in helping to keep him relaxed.

When you need a pair of clippers that’s suitable for use on a nervous horse, look no further than the Heiniger Progress for outstanding performance and control. Its quiet motor and slim grip provides a comfortable experience for both you and your horse, allowing the task to be swiftly accomplished with less stress. Gliding through the coat with ease, Progress Clippers deliver a superior finish in a fraction of the time compared to more cumbersome models.

Lightweight at just 930g the Progress clipper is remarkably robust, incorporating a 90 Watt permanent magnet motor, which is comparable to a 150 Watt rotary electrical motor. The Progress uses the same soft start motor technology that is a feature of the popular X-Series clippers. This ensures that the motor builds up power gradually and so protecting the electronic board in the process. Since this change was made in August 2014, not a single unit has been returned to base for repair or service. As a result of the Progress’ success, Heiniger has now introduced the Progress Style, which offers an eye catching design, in addition to the tried and tested technology.

Progress clippers come complete with a carry case, set of blades, screwdriver, oil, brush and a two-year warranty, so not only do they deliver clipping comfort and confidence, they also guarantee peace of mind on your investment.



1st October 2015

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