Quick clipping tips

Quick clipping tips

Clipping is high on the agenda of jobs to do at this time of year.  With short days and limited day light, this can become a stressful time, especially if clippers and blades are not performing as well as they should be!

A few tips to keep you going:

Check the tension set and replace if necessary, although it may look perfect, the spring does distort and this then affects the way the blades work and will sometimes give a chewed affect, or leave very noticeable tram lines.

Oil regularly, at least every 10 minutes, this will ensure that the blades will stay as cool as possible and help to prolong the sharpness of the blades.   

Reaction to clipper oil - If your horse has sensitive skin, you may find there is a reaction to certain clipper oils.  We have developed the Clippersharp fine clipper oil which has been effective on very sensitive skins.  Combining a fine mineral oil with essential oils and lavender, and a bactericide to stop cross infection, this oil helps to soothe the skin as well as lubricating the blades.

Keep a spare set of blades – Don’t rely on one set of blades.  There is nothing more frustrating than having a set of blades go blunt half way through a clip and then having to make do with a half clipped horse whilst blades are being sharpened.

Plan when you are going to clip – If you keep your horse on a yard with other horses, make sure you don’t start clipping at feed time or turning out time. A quiet, calm horse is so much easier to deal with than one that is itching to get out into the field or waiting for feed time! For more information on Clippersharp’s clipper oil – buy on line at http://www.clippersharp.com/prod/clippersharp-fine-clipping-oil-250ml

3rd November 2015

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