Solar lighting for stables and sheds - so easy to install

Solar lighting for stables and sheds - so easy to install

SolarHub 16:

The Solarhub range is a very efficient lighting and power system designed specifically for stables, agri buildings, workshops, summer houses and any out buildings that have no power supply. This unit supplies 16 square metres of lighting.  

Solarhub uses a highly efficient solar  panel to generate its renewable power and this is fixed to a wall or celling using the supplied bracket.  A cable runs from the solar panel and connects into the back of the hub.  The hub can be sat on a shelf, hidden under a manger or fixed to a wall - using the optional bracket which is supplied.  A 5m cable plugs into the front of the hub which then connects into the LED light unit.  Installation time is around 10 minutes and is completely safe and no need for complex wiring or specialist tools. 

This fantastic system enables bright lighting with no running costs!  Solarhub 16 will deliver up to 6 hours of lighting each night and in addition have 2 USB power outputs for charging smart phones etc and a 12v auto socket for running heavier duty appliances such as fans and 12v TVs. 

Available on line from our website £99.95 plus postage


18th February 2016

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