Eccotemp - Horse Horse Showers

Eccotemp - Horse Horse Showers


Hot Horse Showers to wash and relax your mud monsters!

Relax and refresh your animals with the hot water shower system which doesn’t need expensive plumbing.  Just connect to mains water and gas cylinder and off you go!  Your horse will appreciate the warmth and comfort that hot water brings.  Ideal for washing off dogs after muddy walks too! 

“The best bit of kit we have invested in for our yard!  Never have to worry about bathing your horse with cold water again.”

“Daunted by the cost of installing a plumbed in hot water system in our yard we opted to try the Eccotemp hot water horse shower system as a much cheaper alternative.  Have never looked back and our sensitive horse who hated cold water just loves us washing him now.”

These are just a couple of responses from customers who have recently bought the Eccotemp hot shower system.

The Eccotemp hot water shower system is really easy to install, as all that is needed is a mains water supply and gas cylinder (the orange one that you can get at most outdoor camping or caravan shops.)  It is as powerful as a household shower and comes with a long shower hose but it can be connected to any length of hose if distance from the tap is a problem.

Temperature can be altered from hot to cold and it can also be mounted on to a sack barrow to make it a portable option for stowing away in a horse box or trailer and taking to shows for overnight stays. 

Perfect for horse owners, dog groomers and owners, camping and any outdoor activity that requires an easy, portable hot shower system.

Two sizes to choose from as well as a trolley as an addition to make the L5 the portable solution.

·        Easy to install

·        Movable

·        Runs on gas "the orange one"

·        As powerful as a household shower

·        Adjustable heat from cold to hot

·        Comes with the attachments for attaching to a gas cylinder

·        Comes with all the hose attachments

·        Outside use only

·        Just need a gas cylinder and appropriate length of hose.


26th May 2017

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