Solar technology for the Equine Industry

Solar technology for the Equine Industry


Free lighting!  That is exactly what you get when you move across to Solar.  With new products designed for the equine industry, and with low set up costs, it is definitely the way forward when planning a new yard, or for updating existing systems.

Even if you have mains power, its handy having a back-up solar system to switch across to for economy, added security or to provide additional lighting in areas away from the main stable block, field gateways and parking areas.  All of the lighting can be turned on by a motion sensor and then automatically turned off after use.

By removing costly electrical installation, and with zero running costs, together with more advanced technology being used in solar equipment, this really is a “win win” situation and certainly a product to seriously consider.

Clippersharp, being a technical company, was approached a while ago about supplying and installing solar systems and have been involved from the start with the supply and fitting of Solar Arena lights and lighting for stables, barns and car parks, which has now extended into non equine areas of industry including agricultural, marine, rail and recreational.

Solar has always been associated with bright sunshine for re-charging, but this isn’t necessarily true and with more advanced technology, this is now not relied on for re-generating power from the solar panel, although full sunlight will, of course, power it back up more quickly.

Designed in the UK, all of the solar systems provide a neat and easy way to get an incredibly high degree of lighting using LED.  You do not require a degree in technology to fit any of them, just someone who can use a screw driver.

For Solar Arena lights we provide a full fitting service across the UK – for a quote to fit – contact:

For more details on Solar Arena Lights, and other lighting products for equestrian use go to: or for technical advice give us a call:  Tel: 01823 681076


2nd August 2017

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