Solar Arena Lighting FAQ

Solar Arena Lighting FAQ

Arena Solar Lights FAQ

Do these Arena Solar Lights have to have planning permission?

Clippersharp:  It is best to check with your local authority.  They are effectively a “portable” lighting solution as they are not hard wired in, but if there are regulations for light polution, then they may be effected, but solar is looked on more favourably.

How long do they stay on for?

Clippersharp:  Fully charged they produce:

Motion Activated (PIR) Mode - 50 hrs

Timed Illumination Mode- 500 lumen - 12 hrs, 1000 lumen - 6 hrs

Battery charge time by its solar cell - 10 hrs (from flat)

Will a dingy winters day fully charge them?

Clippersharp:  Not quite, roughly two days would fully charge them on an overcast day. However you would typically get around 2-3 hours on the brightest setting (1000 lumens) and around 5-6 hours on 500 lumens out of one overcast-days charging.

If on a day like today it's overcast, will the lights charge at all? Also in the cold and frosty weather, would this affect the battery etc? If into the future the battery fails, can they be replaced or will the whole light unit need replacing?

Clippersharp:   On a day like today you'd typically get around 2-3 hours on the brightest setting (1000 lumens) and around 5-6 hours on 500 lumens. We supply each light unit with a 2 year guarantee and the battery will last 5 years before it needs replacing - the light unit does not need replacing.

What if a bulb goes - how easy are they to change and how would you do this with them on the poles?

Clippersharp:  They are LED bulbs, they should not go. The Lights and the solar panels have a 20 year lifespan, however if there is an issue within the first two years the customer will be covered by a 2 year guarantee.

Do these have an on off switch or are they on all the time during the evening?

Clippersharp: “ Yes, they have a remote so you can turn them on/off”

Would you be able to provide a lighting unit only, suitable for mounting onto a wooden pole?

Clippersharp:  “Yes you can buy just the lighting unit directly from our website 

Do you provide an arena light fitting service?

Yes, we can provide a complete supply and fitting service.  Please email - or call us - 01823 681076 for more details.  We would require size of arena and location to give you a firm quote and date for fitting.

11th September 2017

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