Off Grid Equine Solutions

Off Grid Equine Solutions

Off Grid Solutions for Yard, Stable and Arena use.

Not everyone has access to a mains power supply or can afford to hard wire mains electric into areas of some distance away from home or yard.

We have put together a selection of products that will make looking after horses during winter months, easy, cost effective and safe too.

Stable Lighting for stables, barns, and outhouses.

When it comes to stable and barn lighting, we can offer a solar solution for a single stable using the Solar Hub 16 through to multiple stable blocks and barns, using the Solar Hub 64 option.  These are all easy to install, and extend, adding additional lights to the system if more stables and building are added at a later date.   Lighting consists of 300 lumen LED strips giving off a bright workable light with a reach of 16 sq m per light strip.

The hub is the central power house that connects through to the solar panel.  It can also charge smaller gadgets such as smart phones, and with the larger 64 unit can power laptops and fans and other larger items which is a handy extra when out and about at the stables for a lengthy period.

Arena lighting

New for 2017 are the Arena Solar lights.  These have become one of the fastest selling products this year, and have opened up a market for low cost arena lighting with zero running costs.  This has been a much needed product to help the working horse owner who would like to exercise and school on dark winter mornings and evenings.  This multi-use solar arena light, can be used for arenas, car parks, recreational areas to name a few. 

A very neat design with the solar panel integrated into the top of the light, no additional wiring is necessary.  Just fix on to a 4m scaffold pole and secure to post and rail fencing.  Delivering up to 1000 lumens and with two lighting options it gives plenty of flexibility for use. One on a timer mode for use in the arena and the other in PIR mode for movement activated use for security lighting.

Instant Hot water

There is nothing better than being able to wash off muddy horses on a cold winter morning using hot water.  If you have a mains water supply and want an efficient and very cost effective hot water solution without the expense of wiring in a system, then consider the Eccotemp tankless hot water shower system.  We offer two sizes, the L5 and L10 system.

The Eccotemp L5 heats 5 litres of water per minute - giving hot water on demand.  If you have several horses to wash off on a regular basis, then look at the larger unit the L10 which heats 10 litres of water per minute.  The Eccotemp L5 and L10 hot water shower system is easy to install and runs on propane gas (Orange gas cylinder). The L5 is small enough to move around making it a portable solution for using hot water and easy to mount on a trolley. We have a purpose made Shower Trolley for the Eccotemp L5 unit and is listed separately on our website .

Clippers and Trimmers

There are now several types of rechargeable clippers and trimmers to choose from, giving the flexibility of clipping wherever you are.  Some clippers have a small battery pack which can be clipped onto a pocket or waist band, others have integral batteries situated at the end of a hand piece.  All give several hours of continual use, allowing enough time to clip out one or two horses at a time before needing a re-charge.

As well as being able to be used in any situation, cordless clippers are far safer too. 



15th November 2017

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