Tips for a fabulous finish before and after clipping

Tips for a fabulous finish before and after clipping
Tips for a fabulous coat and finish.
Getting a great finish from a thick winter coat is often tricky, and especially when competing, its is best to clip the coat either in full or partly.  Not only will this give a smart, sleek appearance, but it will also be easier to wash and dry off after exercise and competitions.
With a first clip or very heavy coated horse, we suggest using a medium grade blade.  This will get through the coat more easily and leave a neat finish.  If you are doing a second clip or the coat is soft and fine, choose a fine blade to use, this will clip slightly closer and re-growth will be a little slower too.
TOP TIP: Before clipping make sure the hair is clean and dry.  The less grease in the coat, the easier the blades will find it to clip through and the better finish you will get.  With a greasy coat you will get very apparent teeth marks where the teeth have struggled to cut through the grease.  With a clean coat you will just a get a very smooth finish with no obvious marks.
Oil regularly when clipping this will prolong the life of the blades and will ensure the blades clip as coolly as possible.  Use a coat conditioning spray to spray on the coat before clipping, this will help blades glide through the hair. Using a soft flicky Borstiq brush, give the coat a good all over brush off after clipping before washing off with a hot cloth to lift any excess grease or dirt.
Products to recommend:
Clippersharp Clipping Oil - An antibacterial, fine mineral clipping oil, with essential lavender oil, designed for optimum performance whilst being non reactive to sensitive skins.  Suitable to use with all makes of clipper and blades.  Available in two sizes: 250ml £6.00  500ml £9.00  


Smart Grooming's Gloss n Go -  A fabulous high quality coat and mane and tail conditioning spray which can be used all year round for types of coats.  This winning formula is exceptionally good to spray on hair before clipping to give extra slide through for clipping blades.  £9.95  500ml Trigger spray   

Borstiq Brushes - Range of high quality Swedish Grooming Brushes. Fabulous brushes for a professional finish. Unlike any others on the market!  From £9.95 
11th January 2018

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