Lister Blades - Should I use Metal or Plastic Socket?

Lister Blades - Should I use Metal or Plastic Socket?

All Lister blades are compatible with all Lister medium and heavy duty machines. However, there are metal socket and plastic socket blades available and it's important that you know the difference between the two and choose the right blade for your machine. 

 Heavy-duty machines like the Lister Legend and Lister Laser should only be used with metal socket blades, this is because they have a more powerful motor which puts a little more pressure on the blades. Using plastic socket blades on these clippers will not damage the clippers but you will find that the plastic socket begins to distorrt or melt.

Medium-duty machines like the Lister: Star, Neon, Stablemate, Showman and Liberty can be used with plastic socket blades, which helps the clipper to run quieter, OR metal socket blades.

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19th March 2019

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