Your Horse Live 2019 Round Up

Your Horse Live 2019 Round Up

We had a feeling it was going to be a busy show and it absolutely was!  With customers calling and messaging before the show to check what offers we were doing and the content of the clipping demonstrations, we were quietly confident that we were heading towards a full on weekend of sales and learning which definitely ticked our box for being part of YHL for the 13th year running.

As well as preparing our Clippersharp stand in the Main Hall, we also had some pre-show planning with regards to bringing together the clipper manufacturers, demonstrators and demo horses and handlers to provide three days of clipping, trimming and turnout techniques.

Having touched our toes in the water last year for the first time bringing live clipping demonstrations to YHL, it was fabulous to be given the opportunity by BAUER media to put together a similar format and showcase the brands who sponsored the Learning Zone as well as bring informative content to visitors.

Liz Daniels, British Grooms Association member, professional groom and now PR executive for the BGA, headed the demonstrators in the Clipping Zone sponsored by well-known clipper brands, Lister, Liveryman and Heiniger, providing three days of live clipping.  Imparting her extensive knowledge and experience gained over many years working as a full-time groom, as well as advising on technical clipper problems explaining in more practical terms for viewers to really understand.

We were more than delighted to invite Nikki Baxter as an additional demonstrator, she travelled down from Scotland to be part of the Learning Zone, as well as being her first visit to YHL.  Nikki has an extensive following on social media featuring her creative plaiting and clipping skills.  She was able to showcase trimming and blending techniques and put creative plaiting on the map!

It was certainly a fantastic opportunity for visitors to see clipping equipment in action, particularly when clippers were being considered as a purchase.  With the clipper brand manufacturers on hand to answer specific brand questions, this proved especially helpful steering the end user to choose the clipper that was the most appropriate and suitable for needs.

Feedback from the brands themselves was positive, they really enjoyed being part of the event and seeing the positivity coming from the visitors relating to the zone.  Being a manufacturer and designer of clipping equipment, it must be so rewarding seeing how it is used and received by the end user.

Liz and Nikki finished the event by giving the most gorgeous rescue pony, Huckleberry a full make over and pamper session.  Huckleberry is 4 yrs old and was rescued by Bransby Horses as a foal.  He thoroughly enjoyed being centre stage and enjoying the spotlight whilst being made super smart with a fresh clip, trim up and plait.  He was the highlight of our weekend and one that we would love to repeat next year.

Lastly, the arena wouldn’t have been the same without our hugely popular comperes Russell Marks and Michele Cooper.  Both with a background in equestrianism including showing and judging, this helped when it came to turnout tips and clipping questions and gave the interaction with the audience and demonstrators to maximise the education and learning experience from the ring side.

So, here’s to YHL 2020 and hope to see you there.

20th November 2019

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