Clippers to consider for Summer Clipping

Clippers to consider for Summer Clipping

Clipping horses is no longer concentrated on clipping during the winter months.  Of course, clipping during this time is still the most usual, but it has become more regular practice to clip during the summer months, and quite often some types of horses will benefit from being clipped regularly all year round.

Summer clipping encompasses clipping for both welfare and comfort. Some horses are not able to shed their coats easily and carry a thick coat all year which makes clipping an essential job to consider when experiencing hot weather. 

Others clip for personal preference to give a continually clean and sharp look and to allow cooling off to be done as quickly and effectively as possible after physical exertion. 

Clippers come in all types, sizes, and capability.  For summer clipping this usually means coping with a smoother, softer coat than the thicker winter woollies that we deal with in Autumn and Winter.

Light Duty clippers are suitable for the warmer summer months and are designed in a completely different way to the heavier duty models that are needed for winter use and thicker coats.

The design of these light duty machines allows them to be super quiet, light to hold and available in both re-chargeable and mains versions.

Taking the snap on blade system, this also allows more flexibility when choosing grades of blades, and with the addition of being able to use plastic graders to slide onto a No 10 blade, this helps with blending, and grading when doing more detailed work or for using on dogs at home too.

The narrow blade, which most clippers come with, are perfect for trimming, fiddly bits and doing heads and ears.  They can be used all over the body, but it is better to opt for the wider snap on blade for clipping the larger areas.  They also represent a cost-effective solution to clipping and trimming as they double up for trimming too so there is no need to purchase trimmers separately.

Light Duty clippers give a great finish on summer coats, and using pre-tensioned blades its easy to get the perfect clip.  They are particularly suitable for most first timers to get the hang of clipping as well as for the more seasoned user to add to the clipper collection to give an easier quieter option.

To summarise:

  • The Light Duty range offer a more relaxed way to introduce clippers to horses of all types
  • Will make light work of keeping summer coats clipped and tidy during the summer months
  • Ideal for sound sensitive or young horses
  • Perfect for clipping and tidying dogs
  • Light to handle and use
  • No tensioning
  • Cost effective



7th May 2020

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