How good are your Barbering skills?

How good are your Barbering skills?

Home Barbering - How good are your clipping/barbering skills


We are all growing glossy manes as Coronavirus and social distancing kicks in and the salons are all closed.  However, why not have some fun and start to do your own hairdressing from home.  After all it can’t be any harder than clipping a horse or dog, can it?

 Home hairdressing has got to be the way forward if the tidier look needs to be maintained.  This is not as hard as it looks, especially if you have a few hidden dog grooming or horse clipping skills tucked away in the back pocket.  So, now’s the time to brush up on the inner hairdressing skill we have hidden away and maintain our usual hair styles.

 For the guys, the most popular hair cut during this pandemic is the Buzz Cut. This I am told, is similar to giving a horse a full clip or trimming out a dog completely. Perfect for people who aren’t too bothered about leaving their hair to grow for a few weeks, and just want a quick all over cut, leaving the same length all over depending on the grade chosen.

 If this takes your fancy, start at the bottom of the neck following the growth of the hair and work your way up and over the head. To find the right grade start with something around a 4 to avoid going too short. Remember you can always take more off, but you can’t stick it back on.

 To smarten your partner up and go the extra mile, you can really make your buzz cut perfect. Without any grades on your trimmer turn your trimmer over and from where the hair starts at the neck go down to create a line, work your way around the neck to give your haircut the WOW factor.

 There are many techniques to learn to perfect the art of barbering including “skin fades” and “ layers” but these are probably out of the question for the first timer.  The simple short back and sides is a great option but will require a lot of trust in your quarantine partner, but if you’re feeling brave enough then go for it.

 You Tube is a great place to resource techniques to perfect the finish, the first attempt may not go quite to plan, but practice makes perfect and who is going to see anyway?

 Happy hairdressing and if you do need any help from the Clippersharp team we are happy to advise, Annie is a qualified hairdresser so is on hand with plenty of tips or a friendly voice to hear if you do get into a pickle!  Just stay away from the bowls!

To watch her hair dressing skills outside at Clippersharp pre-lockdown, click here!



18th May 2020

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