Why choose Clippersharp?

Why choose Clippersharp?

It is often assumed that we are a large corporate company, that is a great compliment in many ways, but the reality is we are a small family business, operating with five full time office staff and two engineers. At Clippersharp we offer the complete package to ensure you have an experienced team to rely on when it comes to purchasing, servicing, clipper repairs and blade sharpening.  We cover every aspect of clipping and that goes for practical advice on best clipping practices too. We are unique in what we can offer and how we work, and probably the only clipper specialist in the UK and worldwide that operates as we do.

How did it all start?

It all began very humbly 26 years ago with sharpening a few blades a day from a small shed attached to the farmhouse.  Fast forwards 26 years; we are still working from our farm address, but now operate from a dedicated building housing, our retail area, workshop, office and packing as well as warehouse facility.

What are your capabilities?

We sharpen around 15,000 blades a year as well as servicing several thousand clippers.  With over 25 years dedicated to the clipper industry, we have a broad and in-depth knowledge both from an engineering and practical side when it comes to all things clipper related.As independent clipper specialists we offer unbiased opinions on the clipper brands that we stock.  Our ethos is to provide the most suitable clippers for our customers.  All clippers that we choose to retail, have been tested by ourselves before marketing.  This includes clipping with them as well as being checked in our workshop, to ensure the clipper will meet our exacting expectations. Our office-based team deliver knowledgeable, professional advice on all aspects of clippers and clipping and are horse owners themselves.They assist in advising on the most suitable equipment and enjoy being able to impart their knowledge to give our customers the right choice.  

So how are we so different and unique in what we do? 

As well as our work premises, we have a stable yard right next door where we have our own horses.  These are featured regularly on photo shoots, for trialling new clippers and trimmers and for using to test customer clippers that might be proving problematic and need more than a bench test in the workshop.We are not just a sales team, all our staff ride and clip, and between us we ensure all clippers that we sell have been tried and tested both in the workshop and on our horses.We only choose brands that we feel represent good value, quality, and reliability with spares being easily available for repairs when needed. Our philosophy has always been to look after our customers.  We have nurtured our business and still have many of our original customers from the early years.  

We have the facility to repair, service and blade sharpen all makes of clippers that we sell. We also do warranty repairs for many of the manufacturers and have excellent relationships with all the clipper brands that we stock.  If there are any after sales issues they can be resolved quickly and efficiently.

As with everything we do, our marketing is done in-house.  We have been way ahead on our marketing from the early days, as we knew that this was key to building our business and showcase what we can offer.  Our social pages are now more important than ever, as they showcase what we do to a huge audience and this has allowed us to reach out more personally to our growing base of UK and international customers.  All our blogs, and written advice are generated here.  Years of experience in our industry has given us the ability to impart our knowledge to others.  We have a Learning Portal area on our website, we keep regularly updated and generate new content throughout the year.  

We might be small, but this is a huge benefit in so many ways and allows us to be able to offer a more personal service

25th September 2020

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