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Aesculap Durati ClipperAesculap Durati Clipper
Aesculap Durati Clipper
Aesculap Durati Clipper
£246.00 inc VAT
Aesculap Favorita II Dog ClipperAesculap Favorita II Dog Clipper
Best Buy
Aesculap Favorita II Dog Clipper
The Aesculap Favorita II is a high quality, professional dog grooming clipper which is exclusively compatible with Aesculap Favorita ll blades.
£295.00 inc VAT

Heiniger SaphirHeiniger Saphir
Heiniger Saphir
The Heiniger Saphir is manufactured in Switzerland by Heiniger who are well-renowned manufacturers of horse and sheep clippers.The quality is, without doubt, excellent and the power is truly amazing for a cordless pet clipper. It has a slim grip hand-piece and stays cool even when clipping for long periods. 
£295.95 inc VAT
Liveryman ClassicLiveryman Classic
Liveryman Classic
The Liveryman Classic is a quiet but powerful small  precision trimmer which is ideal for trimming horses and clipping dogs.   
Was £109.00 Now £99.00 inc VAT

Liveryman Harmony PlusLiveryman Harmony Plus
Best Seller
Liveryman Harmony Plus
The Liveryman Harmony Plus is categorised as a trimmer or light duty clipper and is the perfect machine for nervous or young horses. This trimmer is ideal for trimming horses in delicate & sensitive areas and for clipping nervous/ difficult horses.     *To add the battery pack to your order, please view the related products below*
from £189.00 inc VAT
Liveryman Nova TrimmerLiveryman Nova Trimmer
Liveryman Nova Trimmer
The new Liveryman Nova Trimmer is designed to be easy to use with its lightweight and ergonomic design. With an adjustable cutting height, it is the perfect trimmer for tidying, achieving straight lines & general show preparation.  
£59.95 inc VAT

Liveryman Purple Bruno DogLiveryman Purple Bruno Dog
Liveryman Purple Bruno Dog
The Liveryman Bruno Purple Dog Clipper is a high quality mains clipper suitable for all types of dog clipping and trimming. It takes the A5 snap on blade system which makes interchanging blades quick and easy. Suitable for both the home user and professional groomer this clipper is high quality, well priced and quiet.
£145.00 inc VAT
Oster 'Golden' A5 Single Speed Dog/Veterinary ClipperOster 'Golden' A5 Single Speed Dog/Veterinary Clipper
Oster 'Golden' A5 Single Speed Dog/Veterinary Clipper
The Oster Golden A5 single speed is the professional's favourite. Reliable and compatible with a wide range of A5 snap on blades, makes this clipper very popular among dog groomers and vets. Please note, this clipper does not come with blades. For our full range of Oster blades compatible with this clipper, please click here. 
£150.00 inc VAT

Oster 'Golden' A5 Two Speed Dog/Veterinary ClipperOster 'Golden' A5 Two Speed Dog/Veterinary Clipper
Oster 'Golden' A5 Two Speed Dog/Veterinary Clipper
Oster 'Golden' A5 Two Speed clipper for dog grooming and veterinary use. Please note, this clipper does not come with blades. For our full range of Oster blades compatible with this clipper, please click here. 
£173.00 inc VAT
Wahl Adore TrimmerWahl Adore Trimmer
Wahl Adore Trimmer
Wahl Adore The Wahl Adore trimmer is new to the Lister trimmer range and is lightweight and quiet, offering unparallelled cutting performance. Perfect for noise sensitive dogs and horses. Shop the new Wahl Adore now!
Was £105.00 Now £95.00 inc VAT

Wahl Arco Cordless Animal ClipperWahl Arco Cordless Animal Clipper
Wahl Arco Cordless Animal Clipper
Wahl Arco Wahl Arco Cordless Trimmer is a professional animal clipper for full body clipping on small dogs, cats and detail work on all dog sizes. Supplied with two batteries for 100 mins of continued run time.  A lightweight machine with minimal vibration an maximum cutting ability.
£118.00 inc VAT
Wahl Moser RexWahl Moser Rex
Wahl Moser Rex
Wahl Moser Rex The Wahl Rex (previously known as the Moser Rex) is the most popular mains trimmer, almost silent and very hard working. Adjustment lever on side to adjust clipping height. 
£70.00 inc VAT

Dog & Veterinary Clippers

Our range of Dog and Veterinary clippers, mainly take the A5 snap on blade system which gives a huge choice of finishes for all types of coats.  We stock an extensive range of brands which are chosen for reliability and quality as well as exceptional finish. With a choice of both mains and re-chargeable there is a selection for all requirements.  Our extensive selection of snap on blades are compatible with all the clippers that take the A5 snap on blade system.