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Clipster TrimoX TrimmerClipster TrimoX Trimmer
Clipster TrimoX Trimmer
The Clipster TrimoX trimmer These great budget friendly mini trimmers from Clipster are specially designed for detailed clipping.They offer a fast single cutting speed of 6000spm and excellent clipping properties thanks to the 0.3mm stainless steel clipping head.Boasts a high quality, long lasting motor and a powerful Li-Ion battery, but can also be operated with power pack connected for continuous clipping. Has a charge and clipping time of 120 mins approx.
from £25.00 inc VAT
Liveryman ClassicLiveryman Classic
Special Offer
Liveryman Classic
The Liveryman Classic is a quiet but powerful small machine which is ideal for clipping dogs as well as trimming up horses and larger animals.  It has a range of add on plastic combs for grading as well as a blade adjustment at the back which gives an adjustable cutting height from 0.8-2.0mm. This gives flexibility of cutting for most types of dog grooming.  It is also powerful enough for trimming feathers, hogging and trimming most areas on larger animals. It provides fast, accurate and powerful clipping using titanium coated steel blades. There are no air vents, so no clogging. The ceramic blade is long lasting and should give over 200 hours of use provided it is cleaned and oiled as per the instructions.  
£107.00 inc VAT

Liveryman Nova TrimmerLiveryman Nova Trimmer
Liveryman Nova Trimmer
The new Liveryman Nova Trimmer is designed to be easy to use with its lightweight and ergonomic design. With an adjustable cutting height, it is the perfect trimmer for tidying, doing lines & show preparation.  
£59.95 inc VAT
Liveryman Flare TrimmerLiveryman Flare Trimmer
Liveryman Flare Trimmer
 Liveryman Flare Trimmer   The Liveryman Flare is perfect for trimming and tidying fine hair for both pets and humans.  It comes with a detachable blade, charger, small oil/brush as well as two add on plastic combs/graders.
£23.95 inc VAT

Wahl Adore TrimmerWahl Adore Trimmer
Wahl Adore Trimmer
Wahl Adore The Wahl Adore trimmer is new to the Lister trimmer range and is lightweight and quiet, offering unparallelled cutting performance. Perfect for noise sensitive dogs and horses. Shop the new Wahl Adore now!
£105.00 inc VAT
Onyx TrimmerOnyx Trimmer
Onyx Trimmer
Onyx TrimmerThe Onyx is a super quiet rechargeable trimmer that is perfect for tidying up delicate areas.
from £45.00 inc VAT

Clipster DeloX TrimmerClipster DeloX Trimmer
Clipster DeloX Trimmer
The Clipster DeloX trimmer These great budget friendly trimmers from Clipster are specially designed for detailed clipping with a useful LED light to help with accuracy.They offer 3 cutting speeds (from 4000spm – 6000spm) and excellent clipping properties thanks to the stainless steel clipping head, which adjusts to 5 different cutting lengths ranging (0.8mm – 2mm). The DeloX trimmer boasts a high quality, long lasting motor and a powerful Li-Ion 2200 mAh battery allowing upto 300 minutes of trimming time. 
from £55.00 inc VAT
Clipster DropiX TrimmerClipster DropiX Trimmer
Clipster DropiX Trimmer
The Clipster DropiX is a quiet but powerful battery powered trimmer suitable for use on both horses and dogs. We would recommend this product for tidying up the face, ears and legs and detailing. Supplied with a stainless steel blade, users are able to trim between 1.0mm - 1.9mm and have the added option of using the extra grading combs of 3, 6, 9 and 12mm.
from £40.00 inc VAT

Sonic Horse/Dog TrimmerSonic Horse/Dog Trimmer
Must Have
Sonic Horse/Dog Trimmer
Sonic Trimmer Clipster Sonic suitable for dog clipping and horse trimming
£50.00 inc VAT
Wahl Arco Cordless Animal ClipperWahl Arco Cordless Animal Clipper
Wahl Arco Cordless Animal Clipper
Wahl Arco Wahl Arco Cordless Trimmer is a professional animal clipper for full body clipping on small dogs, cats and detail work on all dog sizes. Supplied with two batteries for 100 mins of continued run time.  The Arco has a blade adjustment giving a cutting length from 0.7mm to 3mm as well as 4 add on guide combs for additional grading.  A lightweight machine with minimal vibration an maximum cutting ability.  A high quality machine suitable for the home dog groomer, as well as for trimming horses and human hair for keeping tidy in Covid-19 times!
£118.00 inc VAT

Lister Pico Pocket TrimmerLister Pico Pocket Trimmer
Lister Pico Pocket Trimmer
Lister Pico Pocket Trimmer suitable small amounts of trimming and tidying for dogs and horses.
£10.00 inc VAT