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Perfect PlaitsPerfect Plaits
Perfect Plaits
500ml – Trigger spray – Unique plaiting formula to give outstanding results. This winning plaiting formula helps plaits stay firm but with a natural look. Gives a slightly tacky feel when plaiting which helps to grip the hair, and keep hair in place all day. Perfect Plaits contains citronella for added benefit in the summer months. Use sparingly – spray on mane before plaiting...
£13.95 inc VAT
Smart Grooming Quick Unpick
Smart Grooming Quick Unpick
The Quick Unpick by Smart Grooming makes unplaiting easy and ensures the mane doesn't get cut whilst removing plaits. The Smart Grooming Quick Unpick is a neat little grooming accessory to keep in the plaiting show kit. The colour may vary from picture.
£2.50 inc VAT

HyShine Perfect Plaits CombHyShine Perfect Plaits Comb
HyShine Perfect Plaits Comb
The HyShine Perfect Plaits Comb is a great tool to get perfectly neat plaits. This fabulous tool lets you firstly brush the mane and section it off for equal plait sizes and then secondly clip the remaining mane out of the way whilst you plait. There is even a built in plaiting band holder at the end to make the job even easier. Comes in 3 colours - Blue, Burgundy and Black.
£4.50 inc VAT
J Wenzel Plaiting Thread
J Wenzel Plaiting Thread
High quality plaiting thread, that comes with a needle. 15 metres long and comes in 3 colours - WHITE, BLACK and BROWN.
£1.95 inc VAT

Plastic Plaiting Aid Comb
Plastic Plaiting Aid Comb
This handy little Plastic Plaiting/Braiding Aid/Guide Comb divides the horses mane into 3 equal sections which speeds up the plaiting process and keeps the plaits neat and evenly sized. Colour: Various
£0.99 inc VAT
Reel Of Plaiting Thread
Reel Of Plaiting Thread
SoMac Plaiting Thread is a high quality strong No.18 linen plaiting thread on a reel. Available in Black, Brown or White. 25g
£3.95 inc VAT

Silicone Rubber Plaiting BandsSilicone Rubber Plaiting Bands
Silicone Rubber Plaiting Bands
Silicone Rubber Plaiting bands are great for for plaiting horses manes and tails. Unlike ordinary rubber plaiting bands; silicone rubber bands have an excellent tear resistance and are extremely stretchy. They come in a handy bag of 500 pieces. Available in: Black, Chestnut brown and White
£2.95 inc VAT
Tail Tame Slick Plaiting BandsTail Tame Slick Plaiting Bands
Tail Tame Slick Plaiting Bands
These tail tame plaiting bands are avaliable in three different colours; black, chestnut brown, white, silver (ideal for iron greys). These bands are made from a new elastic material which eliminates tangles, pulling and split ends whilst being extreamly tough making plaiting easier. Aprox 400 bands in each packet. Come in a handy zip lock pouch.
£3.95 inc VAT

Totally Smart Plaiting ApronTotally Smart Plaiting Apron
Totally Smart Plaiting Apron
When it comes to plaiting, are you all fingers and thumbs? Do you end up mis-placing your scissors just when you need them or dropping your plaiting bands all over the yard?! Very useful item, lots of pockets to put all of your things in. Thick fleece cotton lined plaiting Apron with 3 large pockets and 3 smaller pockets. 30cm deep x 52cm wide
£20.00 inc VAT