General Care & Maintenance

To get the most our of your clipper, it needs to be regularly serviced and maintained. Here's our top maintenance tips for your snap-on clipper/trimmer.

Storing your Clippers & Blades

Once you've finished clipping, it's really important that your clippers and blades are stored away in the warm and dry. Damp conditions will damage the internal workings of your clipper (especially battery powered machines) and will cause your blades to rust. To minimise the chances of rust, coat your blades in a thin layer of oil before storing away in an air-tight sandwich box or plastic bag.

Sharpening your Blades

All snap-on blades can be sharpened. It is therefore a good idea to get your blades sharpened regularly to ensure they don't blunt half way through a clip.

Battery Powered Machines

It's good practice to ensure that you store all battery powered machines fully charged. This is to ensure that you get the most out of your clipper.