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Ace Laser IIIAce Laser III
Ace Laser III
Ace Laser III A good budget price handpiece using triple bearing technology giving smoother running, less heat, and a longer working life. It comes with a pin drive, ferrule, and shearers screwdriver.
£240.00 inc VAT
Heiniger Xpert Sheep Shear 240v
Heiniger Xpert Sheep Shear 240v
The Heiniger Xpert is a powerful, lightweight, quiet, 240v mains shear – perfect for shearing and dagging. The Xpert has a slimline lightweight body, and the casing is made of solid, durable reinforced fibreglass. This shear by Heiniger has one of the quietest running motors and offers a 5 meter mains cable, a unique connection between the body and head, and soft start for a longer motor life....
£399.00 inc VAT

Lister Laser 2 Sheep Shears
Lister Laser 2 Sheep Shears
12v car battery. Ideal for the smallholder/small farmer with flocks up to 100. This is a well balanced machine which takes standard sheep combs and cutters. Will also take special blades for clipping cattle clean for abattoir. Includes set of comb/cutters and case.
£311.00 inc VAT
Lister Nova
Lister Nova
The Nova has a standard rope on/off switch. This 12 volt version with 6ft flexible drive is suitable for use with a vehicle battery providing total safety where electricity is not available in the yard/field. Product Code SH603 Also available in 240v. Product Code SH604
£385.00 inc VAT

Lister TallygripLister Tallygrip
Lister Tallygrip
Tallygrip The Tallygrip is a traditional plain bearing handpiece with oil bath lubrication. It is extremely easy to maintain and very hardwearing. The Tallygrip is ideal for farmers, traditional shearers and those who want a handpiece that is easy to maintain.
£335.00 inc VAT


We have combs and cutters to fit most types of handpiece, we also offer a sharpening service and can service handpieces. Do get in touch for more information or CLICK HERE for Sharpening.