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    New product to make studding up quick and easy - StudShu

    25th April 2013

    New product to make studding up quick and easy - StudShu

    For the first time you can now fit studs before travelling, safely cover the studs with StudShu and travel to the Show. On arrival, simply remove the covers and you’re ready to go. Also between rounds/competitions, you can refit StudShu and return the horse to the box.

    StudShu is a protective cover which fits over your normal studs, allowing the hoof to stand level and balanced on hard surfaces such as the stable yard and horsebox, substantially reducing abnormal stress on the pedal bone, coffin joint and navicular area. They can be re-used again and again as they are made of toughened plastic. Easy to fit and remove – Push on and peel off.

    StudShu was invented and developed by a horse owner from Co Down, Northern Ireland, who has over thirty years’ experience as a breeder and producer of young horses for Show Jumping and Eventing. Attending shows on grass arenas, he identified a problem with the fitting of studs to horseshoes. He wasn’t trying to change this well tried and tested method of providing grip, but to make the process easier and safer for both horse and rider.

    We all know how difficult it can be to fit studs to the shoes of a young or excitable horse at a show, and with fitting eight studs it can really be quite a problem if the horse does start to fidget. Up until now there was no alternative, but patience and perseverance to get the job done. With fitting StudShu, this now enables the job to be done at home whilst the horse is quiet and relaxed.

    The StudShu fits pony and horse shoe sizes up to 6” depending on stud placement. It can be cut to size at the back if the shoes are small.

    The StudShu will fit medium and large studs from 15mm to 25mm in length (excluding the threaded section) in all shapes including square sided, hexagonal, conical, dome and bullet. Each shoe must contain two studs, one at each heel region. StudShu fits front or hind shoes.

    StudShu covers are not intended for use when riding. In stock, and priced at £29.95 per pair and available now from Clippersharp – www.clippersharp.com or tel: 01823 681076



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