About Us

Clippersharp was established by Richard and Vicky Goody in 1994 and has come a long way from where it started in the early 1990’s. 

The core business of blade sharpening and machine repairs is still at the fore front of what is done at Clippersharp today and Richard is still very much at the helm providing a service to both professional groomers and amateur/home users for maintaining and repairing all types of animal clippers, sharpening virtually all makes of blades and scissors and supplying a wide range of animal grooming equipment.

Being such a specialised business, and able to deal with the repair of all types of animal clippers, Clippersharp has built up a reputation from far and wide for being able to provide experienced professional advice as well as a full after sales back up on all machines and equipment.  “We stand 100% behind everything we sell” comments Richard, which is why we make sure we use and try out all the clippers and trimmers ourselves, to ensure they really do the job the manufacturer’s say they do.  Most of the products on the website have also gone through our vigorous choice and testing too, we just want our customers to have products that are useful, that work and are good quality and at a fair price too.  Basically, all that we want when we go shopping.” comments Richard.

Our staff all have an equine background and have a thorough product knowledge of clippers and clipping both from a practical angle which is important when dealing with clipping equipment and animals but also from a technical angle too.  Although not all staff members are able to strip a machine down and service it, they are all familiar with the spare parts and components that are needed and can advise on most repairs.

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