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Clipping Essentials KitClipping Essentials Kit
Clipping Essentials Kit
Clipping Essentials Set 
from £42.95 inc VAT
Nettex Hand Sanitiser GelNettex Hand Sanitiser Gel
Nettex Hand Sanitiser Gel
Nettex Hand Sanitiser - 240ml Anti bacterial Gel 
£9.95 inc VAT

Nikwax Down Proof
Nikwax Down Proof
Wash in waterproofer which adds water-repellency to down and shell fabrics of down-filled sleeping bags and clothing. 300ml
£5.50 inc VAT
Nikwax Down Wash Direct
Nikwax Down Wash Direct
Non-detergent wash-in cleaner. Protects the loft and water-repellency of down-filled clothing, sleeping bags, duvets and comforters. 300ml size
£5.85 inc VAT

Smart Grooming Quarter Marking / Velcro BrushSmart Grooming Quarter Marking / Velcro Brush
Smart Grooming Quarter Marking / Velcro Brush
The Smart Grooming Velcro Brush is a handy little brush has multiple uses, it’s ideal for putting in quarter marks or “Hunter Marks” when quarter marking show/competition horses, as well as removing shedding hair, bedding and dirt from velcro straps. It can also be used to revive sheepskin numnahs. Soft on coats and ideal for brushing dogs and cats as well as larger animals. .
£6.50 inc VAT

Cleaning & Maintenance

Handy essentials for keeping your kit waterproof, clean and ready to go. The Velcro remover is great for reviving sheepskin numnahs as well as velcro straps.