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Effol Kids Star ShineEffol Kids Star Shine
Effol Kids Star Shine
Effol Kids Star Shine glitter Spray 300ml
£6.95 inc VAT
Gold Label Clearer than Clear
Gold Label Clearer than Clear
Gold Label Clearer than Clear Hoof Polish for Shiny Hooves
£6.50 inc VAT

Smart Grooming Coat SheenSmart Grooming Coat Sheen
Smart Grooming Coat Sheen
500 ml trigger. A winning coat gloss formula for a superb all over shine. Coat Sheen enhances the natural shine of the coat without leaving residue. Can be used for all coat types whenever necessary. This outstanding product that can be used all year rounf and good to use on the coat prior to clipping making it easy for blades to glide through and give a great finish. We suggest spraying on Coat...
from £11.95 inc VAT
Smart Grooming Every Day Essentials SetSmart Grooming Every Day Essentials Set
Best Buy
Smart Grooming Every Day Essentials Set
A fabulous everyday kit for general use and show preparation.
£58.00 inc VAT

Smart Grooming Gloss n GoSmart Grooming Gloss n Go
Smart Grooming Gloss n Go
500ml trigger spray. Superb mane, tail and body finishing spray. This is a high gloss formula similar to the Super Shine but in a trigger spray format – use sparingly avoiding saddle area. Ideal used after plaiting to give extra shine to plaits and for a final spray over tails and body before performance. Also used in the winter as a mud barrier and as a preventative for mud fever. Spray...
£12.95 inc VAT
Smart Grooming Enhancing Gloss
Smart Grooming Enhancing Gloss
100g – For perfecting the final finish. A light textured gloss that sinks into the skin leaving a natural shine. Highlights and enhances natural colouring without being obvious. Enhancing Gloss can also be used to blend in our coloured make up to give more definition to selected areas. Use sparingly. Non sticky.
£7.95 inc VAT

Smart Grooming Super ShineSmart Grooming Super Shine
Smart Grooming Super Shine
250ml lotion in a bottle. The ultimate shining lotion - a little goes a long way. Super Shine is a concentrated high gloss lotion for use on all body areas and manes and tails too, as a final finish before entering the show ring. This multi-purpose lotion can be used as a high lighter, a mix for make up or used for “hot clothing” with hot water, as a final finish for the ultimate...
from £12.95 inc VAT
Smart Grooming Tame The ManeSmart Grooming Tame The Mane
Smart Grooming Tame The Mane
500ml Trigger spray. Superb conditioner and detangler for hairy horses. Smart Grooming’s Tame the Mane is perfect for taming and conditioning thick natural manes and tails, leaving them easy to manage and tangle free as well as keeping the mud away in challenging conditions. Tame the mane can also be sprayed onto thick feathers to keep them clean and easily managed. It dries quickly and...
from £12.95 inc VAT

Care and Shine Sensitive by Magic Brushes
Care and Shine Sensitive by Magic Brushes
This care spray with aloe vera extract was specially developed for use on manes, tails and coats. Its special combination of 100% natural ingredients loosens knots, makes brushing easier and offers perfect care for your horse. The nourishing vitamin B5 complex helps to increase blood circulation, assist the healthy growth of hair and support the change of coat. Free of silicones, it provides...
£9.95 inc VAT
KM Elite Sparkle and Shine
KM Elite Sparkle and Shine
SPARKLE AND SHINE – The ultimate finishing spray 400ml KM Elite's Sparkle and Shine is a perfect spray for enriching the colour and depth of your horse's coat, plaits, mane and tail. This easy to use spray enhances black points and illuminates grey manes and tails. An essential product for the ultimate professional finish, Easy to use, simply spray evenly over the whole body avoiding the nose...
£13.95 inc VAT

Coat Shines, Glosses & detanglers

From lotions to sprays, there is something to suit every horse from head to hoof.