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Hy Soft Web Lunge ReinHy Soft Web Lunge Rein
Hy Soft Web Lunge Rein
This soft web lunge rein is 25' (7.62 metres long) with a swivel brass trigger hook. The soft web of this lunge line makes it comfortable to hold and lightweight. Brilliant for lunging, long reining and leading young or spirited horses.
£7.95 inc VAT
Soft Cotton Lead Rope - Trigger Hook
Soft Cotton Lead Rope - Trigger Hook
High quality cotton lead rope featuring a brass trigger hook. Good length to use for horse lead ropes, as well as being great to use as dog leads. Length 78''.
£3.95 inc VAT

Standard Cotton Lead Rope
Standard Cotton Lead Rope
A standard twisted lead rope avaliable in a range of bright colour's finished with a brass trigger clip.
£2.95 inc VAT