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Aesculap Favorita II Dog ClipperAesculap Favorita II Dog Clipper
Aesculap Favorita II Dog Clipper
The Aesculap Favorita II is a top quality, professional dog grooming clipper which is exclusively compatible with Aesculap blades.
£286.00 inc VAT
Liveryman ClassicLiveryman Classic
Liveryman Classic
  The Liveryman Classic is a quiet but powerful small machine which is ideal for clipping dogs as well as trimming up horses and larger animals.  It has a range of add on plastic combs for grading as well as a blade adjustment at the back which gives an adjustable cutting height from 0.8-2.0mm. This gives flexibility of cutting for most types of dog grooming.  It is also powerful enough for trimming feathers, hogging and trimming most areas on larger animals. It provides fast, accurate and powerful clipping using titanium coated steel blades. There are no air vents, so no clogging. The ceramic blade is long lasting and should give over 200 hours of use provided it is cleaned and oiled as per the instructions.
£105.00 inc VAT

Liveryman Purple Bruno DogLiveryman Purple Bruno Dog
Liveryman Purple Bruno Dog
The Liveryman Bruno Purple Dog Clipper is a high quality mains clipper suitable for all types of dog clipping and trimming. Takes the A5 snap on blade system.
£145.00 inc VAT
Oster 'Golden' A5 Single Speed Dog/Veterinary ClipperOster 'Golden' A5 Single Speed Dog/Veterinary Clipper
Oster 'Golden' A5 Single Speed Dog/Veterinary Clipper
Oster 'Golden' A5 single speed clipper for dog clipping and veterinary use.
£150.00 inc VAT

Oster 'Golden' A5 Two Speed Dog/Veterinary ClipperOster 'Golden' A5 Two Speed Dog/Veterinary Clipper
Best Seller
Oster 'Golden' A5 Two Speed Dog/Veterinary Clipper
Oster 'Golden' A5 Two Speed clipper for dog grooming and veterinary use. Please note, this clipper does not come with blades. For our full range of Oster blades compatible with this clipper, please click here. 
£173.00 inc VAT
Wahl Adore TrimmerWahl Adore Trimmer
Wahl Adore Trimmer
The Wahl Adore trimmer is new to the Lister trimmer range and is lightweight and quiet, offering unparallelled cutting performance. Perfect for noise sensitive dogs and horses. Shop the new Wahl Adore now!
£95.00 inc VAT

Wahl Arco Cordless Animal ClipperWahl Arco Cordless Animal Clipper
Best Seller
Wahl Arco Cordless Animal Clipper
Wahl Arco Cordless Trimmer is a professional animal clipper for full body clipping on small dogs, cats and detail work on all dog sizes. Supplied with two batteries for 100 mins of continued run time.  The Arco has a blade adjustment giving a cutting length from 0.7mm to 3mm as well as 4 add on guide combs for additional grading.  A lightweight machine with minimal vibration an maximum cutting ability.  A high quality machine suitable for the home dog groomer, as well as for trimming horses and human hair for keeping tidy in Covid-19 times!
£118.00 inc VAT
Wahl Moser RexWahl Moser Rex
Wahl Moser Rex
The Wahl Rex (previously known as the Moser Rex) is the most popular mains trimmer, almost silent and very hard working. Adjustment lever on side to adjust clipping height. The most powerful mains trimmer available Quiet and smooth running Variable multi click cutting length adjustment on side 6 lockable cutting positions - 0.1mm-3mm Kit includes: Mains operated trimmer 2 attachment combs (4.5 and...
£70.00 inc VAT

Andis ACG 2 Speed Clipper AGC2/AGCB BushlessAndis ACG 2 Speed Clipper AGC2/AGCB Bushless
Andis ACG 2 Speed Clipper AGC2/AGCB Bushless
Andis AGC 2 Speed Mains Brushless Clipper - Takes the A5 snap on blade system.
£155.00 inc VAT
Andis Pulse ZR IIAndis Pulse ZR II
Andis Pulse ZR II
The Andis Pulse ZR is a top of the range, powerful, heavy-duty clipper and  upgrades the innovative Pulse ZR.  With a removable battery pack and a longer running time for even more cordless clipping.  It has 5 speed settings, this versatile clipper is ideal for vets, home groomers, professionals and equestrians, working on a range of coat types, helping to cut through dense hair as well as fine hair. This clipper also features a completely removable, powerful Lithium-ion battery that delivers 3 hours of clipping time and is equipped with a #10 CeramicEdge blade designed to keep cooler for longer while grooming.  There are a wide range of snap on blades suitable for this clipper.
£299.00 inc VAT

Heiniger SaphirHeiniger Saphir
Heiniger Saphir
The Heiniger Saphir is manufactured by Heiniger in Switzerland who are well-renowned manufacturers of horse and sheep clippers.The quality is, without doubt, excellent and the power is truly amazing for a cordless pet clipper. It has a slim grip hand-piece and stays cool even when clipping for long periods. Takes all A5 type snap-on blades. It will clip for 120 minutes on each battery with a recharge time of 45 mins. It's is a very quiet lightweight clipper which has minimal vibration which makes it perfect for young/nervous animals.  Suitable for dog grooming, light duty clipping of horses and veterinary use. 
£289.00 inc VAT
Liscop Profi MiniLiscop Profi Mini
Best Buy
Liscop Profi Mini
The Liscop Profi Mini is an ultra quiet light duty rechargeable clipper that takes the A5 snap on blade system. Ideal for summer clipping with a wide blade for horses as well as for clipping all types of dogs with the A5 blade system. This is a top end clipper at a great price!
£250.00 inc VAT

Lister LibrettoLister Libretto
Lister Libretto
The Lister Libretto Max is a quiet, light, and powerful clipper and ideal for partial clips, sensitive horses and clipping legs or heads and now comes with a Lithium battery.  Is also suitable for dog clipping as it takes the A5 snap on blade system.
£185.00 inc VAT
Liveryman Red Bruno HorseLiveryman Red Bruno Horse
Liveryman Red Bruno Horse
The Liveryman Bruno Horse lightweight mains clipper is a 2 speed machine which is quiet but powerful and suitable for young or noise sensitive animals.
from £145.00 inc VAT

Liveryman Harmony 1Liveryman Harmony 1
Must Have
Liveryman Harmony 1
Clippersharp exclusive Liveryman Harmony Mains powered clipper. Supplied with a Narrow No10 Blade for trimming and fiddly areas, other options to purchase also available. This is a really well priced clipper which is suitable for body clipping all types of dogs as well as body clipping soft coated horses.
from £110.00 inc VAT
Liveryman Harmony PlusLiveryman Harmony Plus
Liveryman Harmony Plus
The Liveryman Harmony Plus is categorised as a trimmer or light duty clipper and is the perfect machine for nervous or young horses and comes with a Wide blade. *Please note this is not sold with Battery Pack*
£169.00 inc VAT

Aesculap Bonum Winter SpecialAesculap Bonum Winter Special
Special Offer
Aesculap Bonum Winter Special
Aesculap Bonum Winter Special  WHILE STOCK LASTS
Was £360.00 Now from £329.00 inc VAT
Clipster Deluxe Winter Special
Special Offer
Clipster Deluxe Winter Special
NEW, CLIPSTER Farmclip AKKU2 Clipper See below for further information, product features and suitability.
Was £265.00 Now £250.00 inc VAT

Heiniger Xplorer Winter SpecialHeiniger Xplorer Winter Special
Special Offer
Heiniger Xplorer Winter Special
Heiniger Xplorer Winter Special 
Was £400.00 Now £388.00 inc VAT
Lister Star Winter SpecialLister Star Winter Special
Special Offer
Lister Star Winter Special
The Lister Star Winter Special  See below for further information, product features and suitability.
Was £265.00 Now £205.00 inc VAT

Clipster Farmclip AKKU2 Clipper
Clipster Farmclip AKKU2 Clipper
NEW, CLIPSTER Farmclip AKKU2 Clipper See below for further information, product features and suitability.
£225.00 inc VAT
Aesculap Bonum Horse Clipper- PINKAesculap Bonum Horse Clipper- PINK
Aesculap Bonum Horse Clipper- PINK
Medium Duty Aesculap Bonum Clipper.  
from £350.00 inc VAT

Aesculap Bonum Horse Clipper- BLUEAesculap Bonum Horse Clipper- BLUE
Aesculap Bonum Horse Clipper- BLUE
Medium Duty Aesculap Bonum Clipper.  
from £350.00 inc VAT
Constanta Rodeo Medium Duty Horse ClipperConstanta Rodeo Medium Duty Horse Clipper
Constanta Rodeo Medium Duty Horse Clipper
Medium Duty Kerbl Constanta Rodeo Clipper.
£195.00 inc VAT

Heiniger Xplorer Cordless ClipperHeiniger Xplorer Cordless Clipper
Heiniger Xplorer Cordless Clipper
The Heiniger Xplorer is a powerful cordless clipper that can cope with challenging conditions.
£388.00 inc VAT
Lister Star - Clippersharp Special EditionLister Star - Clippersharp Special Edition
Best Buy
Lister Star - Clippersharp Special Edition
Medium Duty Lister Star Clipper.
£199.00 inc VAT

Lister Liberty LithiumLister Liberty Lithium
Lister Liberty Lithium
New - Lister Liberty Clipper with new Lithium Battery. Available in the Popular Pack or Deluxe Pack.  
from £360.00 inc VAT
Liveryman Black Beauty ClipperLiveryman Black Beauty Clipper
Liveryman Black Beauty Clipper
The Black Beauty is a very versatile machine providing the user with the option of running it off both the mains or from a battery pack which can be purchased separately. (Please select the 'Battery Pack' option at the top of this page.)  An advantage of this machine is that it has a variable speed adjustment. This setting provides clipping speeds of 1500 and 2700 rpm while the vent on the underside of the clipper ensures cool running at all times.The Black Beauty is great if you have a nervous horse and want to slowly introduce you horse to the noise.  With the machine running at a slower speed it reduces the noise level whilst still providing the power needed. When turned up to the high speed, it allows powerful clipping through most coat types.  Designed with expert input from UK & Ireland horse owners and professionals Black Beauty’s sleek design and ergonomic body make it stand out from the traditional chunky clipper handset but its most desirable qualities are hidden beneath the bodywork in its brushless motor.
from £275.00 inc VAT

Aesculap Econom II
Aesculap Econom II
NEW Aesculap Econom II Heavy Duty Clipper
from £335.00 inc VAT
Heiniger Xperience Winter SpecialHeiniger Xperience Winter Special
Special Offer
Heiniger Xperience Winter Special
Heiniger Xperience Winter Special 
Was £380.00 Now £358.00 inc VAT

Hauptner 2000 Plus Horse & Cattle ClipperHauptner 2000 Plus Horse & Cattle Clipper
Hauptner 2000 Plus Horse & Cattle Clipper
Hauptner 2000 Plus Heavy Duty Clipper The Hauptner 2000 Plus is a high quality German built heavy duty mains horse/cattle clipper.Its smooth performance in tough conditions, gives it the edge when clipping varying types of coats. A reliable all round clipper suited for a variety of uses.It has a relatively quiet running motor for a heavy duty machine and is easy to handle.  The handpiece is slightly tapered and is easy to hold.
£295.00 inc VAT
Heiniger Xperience ClipperHeiniger Xperience Clipper
Heiniger Xperience Clipper
The Heiniger Xperience heavy duty clipper is definately a new favourite here at Clippersharp. For a heavy duty clipper it is surprisingly light and doesn’t have the loud noise that is associated with many of the other  heavy duty clippers that are available. The slim line, lightweight body, is made from a durable fibreglass reinforced body ensuring that the clipper is well balanced and comfortable to hold for long periods. Probably the quietest heavy duty machine available.
£358.00 inc VAT

Lister Fusion Heavy Duty ClipperLister Fusion Heavy Duty Clipper
Lister Fusion Heavy Duty Clipper
Lister Fusion Heavy Duty Mains Powered Clipper  Boasting two speeds of 2500rpm (Equivalent to a Lister Liberty) & 2900rpm to accommodate any clipping application, the Fusion Clipper ensures exceptional performance under challenging conditions with its powerful 360W motor for a fast, professional clip.  Designed for superior handling, Fusion clipper is slim and perfectly weighted for ease of use and features a double fan design and ventilation outlets to ensure consistent cool running during long periods of use. 
£340.00 inc VAT
Liscop 4000 Heavy Duty Horse/Cattle Clipper
Liscop 4000 Heavy Duty Horse/Cattle Clipper
LISCOP 4000 WITH A2 HEAD AND BLADES The Liscop 4000 is a new generation of heavy duty clippers aimed at the serious horse owner. Designed with a slimmer and more tapered hand piece, this machine is very comfortable and easy to hold. Designed and built in Germany this is a robust, quality machine, and able to withstand the toughest conditions. The new high-torque DC motor (DC) technology with a...
£380.00 inc VAT

Lister Legend mains horse clipperLister Legend mains horse clipper
Lister Legend mains horse clipper
Lister Legend Heavy Duty Clippers offers both speed and power for exceptional performance under challenging conditions featuring a highly powered 150W (max) motor for an effortless and professional clip.Additionally, the Legend clipper has a comparably lightweight design and a unique dual-position grip to provide a more comfortable clipping experience for the user.The UK designed and manufactured Lister Legend clipper features patented ventilated head technology to prevent the head and blades from getting hot during long periods of use.The powerful clipper is also fitted with an overload switch to protect the motor, has snap on washable air filters for convenience and sports a thicker, more comfortable wrist cord. The new Legend clipper is beautifully finished in a robust casing and comes in an attractive, hardwearing carry case.
£295.00 inc VAT


Clippersharp are horse and animal clipper specialists based in Devon, UK. Independant suppliers of top brands, servicing and blade sharpening service for all main brands of clipper, trimmer and blade.