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Hauptner 2000 Plus Horse & Cattle ClipperHauptner 2000 Plus Horse & Cattle Clipper
Hauptner 2000 Plus Horse & Cattle Clipper
Hauptner 2000 Plus Heavy Duty Clipper.  High quality German clipper, designed for challenging conditions. Smooth running.
£295.00 inc VAT
Heiniger Xperience ClipperHeiniger Xperience Clipper
Heiniger Xperience Clipper
The Heiniger Xperience heavy duty clipper is definately a new favourite here at Clippersharp. For a heavy duty clipper it is surprisingly light and doesn’t have the loud noise that is associated with many of the other heavy duty clippers that are available. The slim line, lightweight body, is made from a durable fibreglass reinforced body ensuring that the clipper is well balanced and comfortable...
£328.00 inc VAT

Lister Fusion Heavy Duty ClipperLister Fusion Heavy Duty Clipper
Lister Fusion Heavy Duty Clipper
Lister Fusion Heavy Duty Mains Powered Clipper - the new model that replaces the Lister Laser.
£340.00 inc VAT
Liscop 4000 Heavy Duty Horse/Cattle Clipper
Liscop 4000 Heavy Duty Horse/Cattle Clipper
LISCOP 4000 WITH A2 HEAD AND BLADES The Liscop 4000 is a new generation of heavy duty clippers aimed at the serious horse owner. Designed with a slimmer and more tapered hand piece, this machine is very comfortable and easy to hold. Designed and built in Germany this is a robust, quality machine, and able to withstand the toughest conditions. The new high-torque DC motor (DC) technology with a...
£380.00 inc VAT

Lister Legend mains horse clipperLister Legend mains horse clipper
Lister Legend mains horse clipper
Lister Legend Heavy Duty Clippers
£295.00 inc VAT

Heavy Duty Clippers

Ideally suited for the larger yard and those clipping professionally but can also be used by the one or two horse owner. Perfect for those requiring high powered horse or cattle clippers.  These are generally heavier in the hand and have a higher noise level due to the additional power from the motor.  All are slightly different to handle and operate and also have varying noise levels.  If you need more detailed information on the differences please email or call us for dedicated information on each. We clip ourselves and have used all the makes so will be able to help you.